Thursday, July 13, 2017

ezra {nine months}

Ezzy boy at nine months old. He loves to scoot around on his belly (forget crawling) and is pretty interested in his toys at the moment. He started eating more baby foods and loves them (he pretty much eats his food better than taking his bottle). He can also pull up to standing. And here when I started taking his pictures, he started to clap for the first time! (He is also now 13 months and I'm just now catching up so I can't really remember everything else at 9 months). But, he's sweet and silly and ninja baby and perfect for our family. We love him so.

bye bye bouncy seat :( 

jersey wedding 

brother sandwich

i mean

 i remember this Sunday...i stayed home with the little boys cause they were sick and the others went to was some sweet time with them! and levi got stuck in the bumbo as pictured 

donut date with my big baby and littlest (thanks to sissy not having school this day) 

first time in the swing 

ella and ezzy selfie she took and i found on my phone...gem!

sitting up and looking cuuuute!

obviously couldn't get enough of that big sis loving

cutest little peanut there ever was!

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