Friday, March 31, 2017

ezra {eight months}

Eight months old!!! My little peanut, ninja nu, ninja warrior, ezzy boy is eight months old! STOP the CLOCK!
He is still an active one, trying hard to sit up and can almost do it (just leans forward a lot), starting to like his exercauser more, loves his siblings and does an "excited" noise when he sees them, loves to for whatever reason watch his siblings go up the stairs as we are holding him going up the stairs and starts laughing and moving his hands in a real excited way. He doesn't stay on his stomach for long before rolling right over. He's always grabbing for things and takes great interest in all his toys. Not really even close to crawling yet. Teething and getting two little teeth in on the bottom. Drooling like crazy. Still living up to his nickname "ninja warrior" as we struggle to feed him his bottle well as he just doesn't seem to have time to take one during the day...silly boy. I do think he's our more "serious" child but he still smiles and is starting to laugh too. His laugh is just contagious and he has just the sweetest, best smile ever. I have to also say, I think he's a daddy's boy. He really loves his daddy! He also takes his bottles best for daddy because daddy is good and consistent with the headlock necessary for feeding him. He now does this little wave with his left hand where it looks like he's just waving at everyone.

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