Friday, March 31, 2017

ezra {7 months}

Little peanut is sure loved around here! At seven months old, he is getting a lot of attention from his biggest brother and his sister too. Just depends on Levi; whether he feels like loving on him or not. He's sleeping a little better at night but is still living up to his nickname, "ninja" due to his crazy ninja moves while taking his bottle. He loves to kick and roll right over to his tummy. He has been introduced to the exersaucer and seems to like it for a little bit at least. He wants to sit up but not quite ready yet.  He also had his first taste with rice cereal and did okay. We just need to keep feeding it to him (its hard to find the time sometimes). He's ticklish and is smiley and cute and we love this little peanut.

seven months old!!!

"mommy, mommy, take a picture of me standing over here with ezra"

trying to sit up in his bouncy seat

big sis to the rescue in the midst of bedtime thankful for her and the love she has for her brothers!

nothing like these cuddles...i really want to remember simple moments like these the most

this face!!!

levi has been more affectionate to his little brother...though we're still working on being gentle too

first time in the exersaucer 

he likes it for a few good minutes and then is over it 

early weekend mornings aren't so bad when i have this sweet face to look at

brother play

loves his sissy!

my heart.

daddy and his boy

always love a sleeping babe

sick little bub getting some fresh air

someone (a little girl i know) was making her little brother a little girly

just hanging out and talking with my little ninj!

izzy bear and ezzy bear

i think they look the most alike

getting closer to sitting up

no worries, no harm done in this pic. just typical brotherly love i suppose

happy seven months little love!

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