Monday, January 2, 2017

ezra {4 months}

*catching up...wrote this few months back :)

Four months with this little bub and he is just the sweetest. Smiling a lot, laughing a lot and getting louder with his babbling and cooing. I'm still pumping every few hours and he only likes to take a bottle for mommy or daddy. He is playing on his play mat more and starting to grab at his toys hanging above. Not quite sleeping through the night as good as he once was but hopefully, that will change like it was before. We love this little boy!

kisses from brother

 first fair trip in the books as fam of 6

what my morning walks look like with 3 little boys

my firstborn with my baby...i'll always love these pics

boo at the zoo...the whole crew. 2 butterflies, a butterfly catcher, a caterpillar, Kion from the Lion Guard and a chunky monkey. Classic Kion and his crazy roars all the day

butterfly fam ;)

trunk or treat at the widows home

little bub has no idea...the things parents do..

a baby burrito is the best!

we dropped the older kids off with nana and the three of us went up to Greenville and stayed at Staci's house for a weekend. we went out to eat and also to one of our favorite apple picking orchards...skytop. there weren't many apples to pick so we just got some from the stand to make apple pie and had our first apple cider donuts! this was also the weekend we realized our little peanut was not going to be going on many dates with us anymore...he was so loud when we took him out with us and a little too fussy :( but we had a good time nonetheless just the three of us. hopefully next year, we can take the whole family apple picking