Monday, October 23, 2017

{new york new york}

We took a little vacation just the two of us to the big city!!! We actually weren't planning on going there but when a friend offered their "extra" apartment to us, we had to accept! ;) We had such a great trip! Russ researched all the places we ate and they were all amazing! So much yummy food. We especially loved the bagel shop he found that we went to twice...reminds me of my family up north. Everything bagel with basically a whole tub of cream cheese slathered on! (I definitely wiped off A LOT of the cream cheese). We went to Times Square and saw a board way show "Miss. Saigon" and did some shopping. We got "dressed up" fancy that night and went to a delicious restaurant. The next day we went to the Brooklyn Bridge, which we had never done on our previous trips and I loved it! One of my favorite memories of the trip. We took the subway and then did a lot of walking. Walked to Brooklyn Heights, which was such a pretty area, walked all across the bridge, took a bazillion pictures and then walked to the 9-11 memorial site. It was an awesome day! Then, later that evening we went to Upper West side and ate at a yummy Mexican place we had seen the first night walking by and I had been craving didn't disappoint! (The first night we were there we went to Central Park, did some walking around there and then ate at a Ramen noodle type place that was also very delicious in the upper West side). Such a fun trip! So thankful for that time.

First day in Central Park and yummy Thai/Ramen noodle restaurant and buggy in Central Park back to apartment  

Second day in Times Square, a Broadway show, shopping and got a little dressed up for dinner that night

Third and final day we started off with amazing bagels from a bagel shop a few blocks from the apartment we were staying in (thanks to the hubs for doing some research on where to find good food) and then went through the beautiful neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked across to the 9-11 memorial site. That night we had really good Mexican food at a cute restaurant in the West side...

also the bagels were worth a picture because they were THAT good and we went there twice!

Brooklyn Heights

views from the park in Brooklyn Heights

the boys first day of prek4 and big tots

The boys started school the end of August and I think everyone was ready! And they were excited (well, Levi was questionable) and did well going to their classrooms. Isaac's good little friend is in his class so he was excited about that. I was a little worried about Levi getting upset. He was not too happy when we pulled into the school parking lot and going down the hall he said he didn't want to go to class. We got to his classroom though and the teacher took his hand and he walked right in. Didn't cry so that was a win! And, they sure looked cute!

(August 22, 2017)

Levi was actually sick on the first day of school so he went the next day...and how could I not post a bazillion pictures of him?? He was workin it with that big ole book bag and melting my heart with those smiles!!!

(August 23, 2017)

some brother love on the first day of school for Levi and second day for Isaac

this was Isaac's first day of school drawing...

Ezzy also started his first day of "baby school" that same week. As you can see, he was not in the least excited and didn't want any pics least he only goes one day a week!

(August 24, 2017)

first day of FIRST grade!!!!

My baby girl started FIRST grade the beginning of August. She's so big. It just doesn't get any easier. I told her she can't grow up anymore and she has to stay my baby forever. She said ok ;)
The night before she started 1st grade, we had a friend come and watch the boys so we could take her out on a special date- just the three of us. We went to PF Changs since her favorite restaurant she calls "chicken and broccoli" aka Asian Tin Drum closed down. We then went to Tutti Fruiti for ice cream yogurt. We so enjoyed our time with just our girl. We love her so much and we are so proud of her. She was also excited to just have mommy and daddy time. And she was excited to start school the next morning.

The next morning started bright and early as sister was up and ready to go before the sun was out. I was thankful she was so excited because up until a few days before school started, she didn't want to go back to school and she kept telling me she wanted to be "homeschooled" which, of course, she didn't really know all that entailed but she sure wasn't excited about going back. She's not a fan of all the work and not as much play ;) Anyway, a few days before school started, we went to the meet your teachers day and she met her sweet teacher, saw a lot of her friends and saw her desk and ball she would sit on. That was all it took. She was excited and ready after that. She did better that day than I did. Watching her so excited about it all made it so much easier for me!

(August 3, 2017)

love her! and she just had to wear that frozen headband!

my brave little girl. i walked her to the door and gave her a big hug just like i did last year and then she walked right in taking my heart right with her.