Wednesday, October 4, 2017

first and last swim lessons

This summer, Ella continued with her swim lessons she has been doing for the past (I think) four years and Isaac finally got to start his swim lessons for the first time. I knew Isaac would love swimming and being in the water but I was a little worried how he would do with someone telling him what to do. He did great though and loved them so much, he kept asking all summer long when he was going back. Unfortunately for him, they only last for about two weeks. We will definitely pick up with them next summer. His teacher was also impressed with how well he was swimming across and pool and kicking his legs! Ella, of course, did great with hers as well and this was her last swim lessons with this family as she will (if she wants) maybe do swim team next summer....she has pretty much graduated from these lessons. She is an awesome swimmer and like her brother, loves to swim and kept asking when she was going to her lessons.

Ella's last day of her last swim lessons here. She's such a good swimmer and loves loves loves it!! Proud of this girl!

loving it!!

showing his star!

found a distracted 

loves the bug 

loves to swim!!

sister's ballet recital

Sister did her first whole season (like school year) of ballet starting last fall and ending over the summer. She had fun but it wasn't her favorite, definitely likes gymnastics better. So we are now back in gymnastics. But, I loved watching her recital! She was just precious! My mom and Auntie Kate were able to come and watch while our friend, Lenka, watched our boys. It was great cause we could actually all sit still and pay attention and watch sister.
Here are pictures from her recital (from the beginning of June)...

meanwhile....this little boy was being a ham!

so proud of her trophy! 

memorial day weekend

We went to the farm for memorial day weekend and took a lot of pics...

the boys caught a few fish...

fishing diva style

and the girls caught some too (we actually beat the boys)!!

ezzy's first cart ride in the pastures 

we had a date night in ATL

daddy driving the tractor with the kiddos...

found a turtle...

nothing cuter than this little chunk running around with just his pull up!!

at the sale barn with grandpa and daddy