Thursday, July 13, 2017

ezra {nine months}

Ezzy boy at nine months old. He loves to scoot around on his belly (forget crawling) and is pretty interested in his toys at the moment. He started eating more baby foods and loves them (he pretty much eats his food better than taking his bottle). He can also pull up to standing. And here when I started taking his pictures, he started to clap for the first time! (He is also now 13 months and I'm just now catching up so I can't really remember everything else at 9 months). But, he's sweet and silly and ninja baby and perfect for our family. We love him so.

bye bye bouncy seat :( 

jersey wedding 

brother sandwich

i mean

 i remember this Sunday...i stayed home with the little boys cause they were sick and the others went to was some sweet time with them! and levi got stuck in the bumbo as pictured 

donut date with my big baby and littlest (thanks to sissy not having school this day) 

first time in the swing 

ella and ezzy selfie she took and i found on my phone...gem!

sitting up and looking cuuuute!

obviously couldn't get enough of that big sis loving

cutest little peanut there ever was!

Friday, March 31, 2017

ezra {eight months}

Eight months old!!! My little peanut, ninja nu, ninja warrior, ezzy boy is eight months old! STOP the CLOCK!
He is still an active one, trying hard to sit up and can almost do it (just leans forward a lot), starting to like his exercauser more, loves his siblings and does an "excited" noise when he sees them, loves to for whatever reason watch his siblings go up the stairs as we are holding him going up the stairs and starts laughing and moving his hands in a real excited way. He doesn't stay on his stomach for long before rolling right over. He's always grabbing for things and takes great interest in all his toys. Not really even close to crawling yet. Teething and getting two little teeth in on the bottom. Drooling like crazy. Still living up to his nickname "ninja warrior" as we struggle to feed him his bottle well as he just doesn't seem to have time to take one during the day...silly boy. I do think he's our more "serious" child but he still smiles and is starting to laugh too. His laugh is just contagious and he has just the sweetest, best smile ever. I have to also say, I think he's a daddy's boy. He really loves his daddy! He also takes his bottles best for daddy because daddy is good and consistent with the headlock necessary for feeding him. He now does this little wave with his left hand where it looks like he's just waving at everyone.

{spirit week}

I need to post about spirit week at sister's school cause it was just too fun dressing her up each day according to the category of each new day. My favorite was tacky day because, of course, its always more fun to dress up someone else with all things crazy, wacky and tacky! She had a lot of fun too each day and loved to come home and tell us what everyone looked like, what they were wearing and who won that day for the best dressed category. Here is the fun week in pictures...

day 1: pajama day
 complete with her sleeping mask. she won this day and came home with at free pizza coupon and said her name was called overhead in her class and she got her picture taken

day 2: tacky day
my favorite. so fun dressing up someone else as tacky as you'd like (well, for the most part). she looked so cute! i think she was pretty excited about all the headbands she had on :)

day 3: hat and sunglass day
day three was still chapel day but with a mix of "hat and sunglass"day


day 4: favorite sports team day
day four was favorite sports team day. of course, it was Georgia! GO dawgs!

daddy was excited about this one and even bought her G stickers to put on

day 5: jeans and school colors
day five was wear jeans and school colors

fun first spirit week!!

ezra {7 months}

Little peanut is sure loved around here! At seven months old, he is getting a lot of attention from his biggest brother and his sister too. Just depends on Levi; whether he feels like loving on him or not. He's sleeping a little better at night but is still living up to his nickname, "ninja" due to his crazy ninja moves while taking his bottle. He loves to kick and roll right over to his tummy. He has been introduced to the exersaucer and seems to like it for a little bit at least. He wants to sit up but not quite ready yet.  He also had his first taste with rice cereal and did okay. We just need to keep feeding it to him (its hard to find the time sometimes). He's ticklish and is smiley and cute and we love this little peanut.

seven months old!!!

"mommy, mommy, take a picture of me standing over here with ezra"

trying to sit up in his bouncy seat

big sis to the rescue in the midst of bedtime thankful for her and the love she has for her brothers!

nothing like these cuddles...i really want to remember simple moments like these the most

this face!!!

levi has been more affectionate to his little brother...though we're still working on being gentle too

first time in the exersaucer 

he likes it for a few good minutes and then is over it 

early weekend mornings aren't so bad when i have this sweet face to look at

brother play

loves his sissy!

my heart.

daddy and his boy

always love a sleeping babe

sick little bub getting some fresh air

someone (a little girl i know) was making her little brother a little girly

just hanging out and talking with my little ninj!

izzy bear and ezzy bear

i think they look the most alike

getting closer to sitting up

no worries, no harm done in this pic. just typical brotherly love i suppose

happy seven months little love!