Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ezra {three months}

{Catching up...he really just turned 5 months....but we'll get to that...}

Our little peanut is still a' growing!! Weighing in at 11lbs and 1oz and height is 22 1/4! Proud of my little baby! He is just the sweetest too- smiling so much now. Pretty much right when he makes eye contact with us, he smiles real big. He is also cooing a lot and starting to cackle and trying to communicate with us. He kicks a lot when we lay him down, acting playful.  He is so adored by his siblings and sure gets a whole lot of love around here! Anddd, he just started to sleep through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy 3 months little peanut!

my little, growing peanut

smiling and laughing so much now

i asked ella to watch him real quick and when i came back in her room, she had him tucked into her blanket and holding onto her big sister teddy because he was getting a little fussy. he looked pretty comfy and cozy when i got to him ;) love that big sister of his....and she loves her brothers so much!

one of our morning walks...often how we do three little boys in the double...

sweet, smiley boy

post bath snuggles

just talking and laughing with big sis

snuggles with great granny

the cousins...ezra made it in!! ;)

handsome boy