Wednesday, September 14, 2016

hilton head 2016

Took our annual summer beach trip to Hilton Head...or as Ella calls it "Hilton Heads" ;) Nana came too. Ella and Isaac had been asking for days when we were going to the beach (like, literally everyday for the past week they wanted to know if we were going to the beach). So, the day we left, we picked the kids up early from school and they were beyond excited! Ella and Isaac sat in the very back and got to watch movies on our friends DVD player...they were pretty happy about that. It was fun to see their excitement as we began our traveling.
Our vacation time wasn't too relaxing but we did get one date night with my sister (who also came with her Russ) which was actually on our anniversary. We had some stressful moments but at least we managed to make some fun memories. And, this year, Isaac really loved the ocean and playing in the water like his sister does. He would take off into the ocean water so we had to watch him carefully and they both loved playing in the sand, finding seashells and making some sandcastles with dad, and splashing in the waves. Isaac kept wanting to go out further in the ocean.  One memory I love is how the kids (mostly Isaac) loved to chase after the seagulls and yell real loud at them...made a lot of people watch but they thought it was funny ;) Unfortunately, Levi broke out in a crazy rash the third day we were there so he had to stay the rest of the time in the condo with Nana and Ezra. We were sad our little bub was sick but it was fun times spent on the beach with the two older ones, making it a bit more fun for Russ and I. The last day on the beach, I actually laid on the towel in the sand under our little tent and almost fell asleep while Russ watched the two of them. It was pretty awesome! The waves were pretty wild; my sister and I played in them for a bit one day.
Glad we were able to squeeze in this little beach trip with the fam after kind of a crazy summer. The kids excitement and joy is always worth it...

one of my favorite memories this trip- watching the kids chase the seagulls

don't mess with this boy and his pizza

swimming with my little fishes 

evening swims are the best!

my beach girl

that little bub was content in the sand 

they loved the ocean

beach bums 

i just can't resist...he's too cute

more seagull chasing...and yelling at the seagulls


cruis'in in the wagon


popsicles poolside

celebrating 10 years with my very favorite...couldn't imagine doing this life with anyone but him...God knows just what He's doing and thankful He provided for me more than I could have ever asked or imagined!!

he just wanted to sit and chill with me in the water

he loves the water!

having so much fun!

i loved watching his face full of excitement and pure joy as his daddy held him and they played in the waves...he loved it

walk back to our condo from the beach

family selfie but missing ezra :(

aunt staci!!

silly faces 

the girls

see, ezra was there ;) he just hung out with nana the whole time ;)

when we went to the beach with just these two, we went to the little restaurant on the beach behind our condo building and let the kids get some lemonade (we were hoping to get them slushies or smoothies but they were out) while Russ and I had was a sweet time with them and you could tell they loved the extra attention 

cheers to lemonade ;)

on a mission...huntin down and chasing the seagulls. and yelling at them

"relaxing" while the older kids played. and for me, it actually was relaxing while Russ played and chased them ;)

the seashells they collected...isaac at one point was collecting them for each family member

drawing in the sand

our family drawn by sissy :)