Friday, February 26, 2016

ten months {levi}

In November, chunk chunk turned 10 months old and is crawling He's an active one and I don't think he's gonna slow down any time soon!! He loves to explore now that he can move about. He still loves to eat anything and everything we have given him. He loves to cuddle his sister at night before bedtime and mostly still apprehensive towards his brother, even when Isaac is trying to be nice and gentle. I think Levi is just used to his brother being very loud and sometimes a little too rough around him. He always does good in the nursery- usually when we pick him up, the workers comment on how sweet he is ;)  He is starting to "talk" more and be more vocal...not really saying anything yet but more babbling. Sometimes it sounds like he's saying "dada" but not sure. We sure love this little (big) boy and all his sweetness and squishyness ;) So thankful he is a part of our little family!

fall fun {2015}

Catching up on our fall adventures cause the fall season is always my favorite...

gotta hit up a Georgia game of course- the only one we went to this season 

and we got drenched! but stuck it out till the end and made some fun memories!

Russ and I made a visit to Greenville to visit my sister 

our cute little sidekick with us :)

downtown Greenville- love it!!

love all things fall. and trader joes.

always picking flowers for her mama...its these little things i always want to remember about her. i just love her so much!

my little pumpkin patch crew!

the two pumpkins she picked out

still checking on the goats and chickens

showing his little bro where they're at

when he wants to hold my hand when we go on walks

nature walks 

finding a caterpillar- isaac was obsessed watching it

Christ Community miracle mile walk for breast cancer

of course, we made it out to the fair. Ella was really looking forward to it this year

i just love all of Isaac's expressions...

finally cracked a little smile

as you can tell, she was having a blast!

this picture is not the best but its so sweet. isaac was crying, afraid of the ride and ella went to sit with him (when she really wanted to ride in her own car) before it started and put her arm around him, hugging him and whispering to him. i'm just amazed at times how awesome of a big sister she is. she is truly something remarkable. 

if you look closely, she still has her arm around him, comforting him

he eventually stopped crying 

sweet sibling love

carousel with daddy

mamas got on a ride too!

sweet friends

and these brothers...when they match, i must take all the pictures. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

nine months

**I wrote this post back in October and forgot to post as well....just playing catch up...
Really, nine months?!?  My baby boy is nine months old and he is just such a joy!  As hard as it was to adjust as a family of five for me, this baby has been a true blessing from the Lord. Thankful that even when I doubt, He always knows what is best for us :)
Levi is such a chunk at nine months...he hasn't had his nine month appointment yet but curious as to how much he weighs. He is so squishy and sweet and has rolls all over.
His favorite thing to do is not doubt eat! He LOVES his milk and so far, all baby food.  There has not been one jar he has not finished!
One of his favorite toys would have to be a ball. He loves to watch them when we throw them and catch. He loves especially when his sister is around but not always so sure when his brother is...he usually has to be pretty cautious and you can sometimes see it in his little eyes that he's not so sure what to think when his very loud brother is close by.
He has his two bottom teeth almost all the way in as well as his two top teeth.  He is still nursing but supplementing more with formula now.
He is sitting up by himself (has been for a month or so) and will roll on to his belly and scoot around to get what he wants.  And also, this boy knows what he wants and goes all for it (I guess you have to be like that when a third child). ;)  He can almost get into a crawling position so I know it will be no time before it starts.
When he sees his bottle, you better give it to him very quickly because he will about fly out of your arms to get it.  He knows when bedtime is coming and starts fussing for that bottle. He is a great sleeper.  Now, he goes to bed about 8:15ish and will sleep about 12 hours or so.
I think he's definitely becoming a mama's boy ;) He lights up and smiles when he sees me or his daddy and gets excited!  He does well in the nurseries as well.
He's just a really easy-going, laid back baby and we are just smitten with him; as are his siblings too. They love him so and always ask about him if he's not around. I love to squeeze and kiss his chunkiness all the day long.  Thankful for this baby boy and how he has added so much love and joy to our family!