Wednesday, November 25, 2015

first day of prek 4 and big tots

This year (at the end of August), Ella started Prek4 and Isaac started Big Tots (mothers morning out) for the first time. Ella was (of course) super excited to go back to school...this year she has Ms.Kim, which was also her teacher when she was in Big Tots.
I was a little nervous how Isaac was going to react to school since he had never been before. And he's pretty shy. He only goes one day a week so when his day rolled around (Thursday), I had Ella hold his hand and walk him to his class. He actually did really well. And since his first day, he has only cried maybe twice when dropping him off but lately, has done so well.  When I pick him up, he is pretty excited and seems happy! He's pretty quiet there and doesn't interact too much but...he does better it seems each week.  Proud of him! And, sister just does great at school- she loves it so much and is always asking when she can go and has so many friends there. Little miss social butterfly ;) She's learning so well there and has scored so high on all her "quizzes" the teachers give them.

Here are their pictures on their first days. I'll have to compare them at the end of the year to see how much they have grown :(

first day of prek4

his very first day of "school"...daddy getting him ready for his picture ;)

aaand it wasn't happening 

then he saw a bird and all was right again ;)

hand in hand walking to school

sister walking him straight to his classroom

his little name on the wall with his book bag ;) 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

hilton head 2015

We took our annual family beach trip to Hilton Head this summer. First time with three kiddos! Kind of crazy! Nana came with us too and helped us out. It was fun. And crazy. And stressful. But lots of memories were made!

monthly recap {august}

Here's to remembering the month of August in pictures...

baby boy started to sit on his own (around 7 months)

feeding the goats. isaac just liked to watch

always picking flowers for her momma

on their way to see the princess show

love spending time with my girl

this little face

animals everywhere 

my babies

such a sweet bond already

because. these thighs. and knees. and rolls.

date night!

every morning she has to feed him his bottle. such a wonderful big sister. i don't want to forget little things like this

sometimes, they can just be the sweetest 

little stinker 

celebrating our 9 year anniversary...out to eat downtown at one of our favorites

gettin ready for the football season and ready to cheer on our team

saturday market is always fun

celebrating daddy's birthday with a cake one of his sweet patients made for him! love this man so very much and so so very thankful for him and what he means to our family. he is the best!!!