Friday, October 23, 2015

monthly recap {july}

July went fast....included some fireworks and fun with friends, a trip to the beach, Isaac turning two and MCO training retreat with lots of stuff in between....

4th of july get together with friends, food, fireworks and sparklers!!

just reading a book while watching fireworks ;)

so much love for littlest brother and always getting tackled when put down

first time in the jumpy thing- and those squishy legs!!

picture overload...couldn't help it. couldn't just choose one. praying their bond only strengthens and grows through the years. nothing like sibling love

need to remember these little moments...big bro laying next to little bro while i nurse him...sometimes he can just be the sweetest. it's moments like these :)

pool time with his buddy

reading on a hot summer's day

these two little friends enjoyed their week at gymnastics camp for the first time!

helping daddy cook

doing some "school" during rest time to prepare for preK4 in just a few weeks!

hanging with her bestie

these next few pictures make me laugh as Levi is on a mission to get big bro's can just see it in his eyes. and, he just ate too!!

grandma took this picture at the farm....while we were at MCO training, the big kids went there. she was picking me some pink flowers from the garden. love my girl soooo much!!!

could stare at this sweet sleeping baby all day long!

isaac is two!

Can't believe my first baby boy is already two! He is such a silly and fun little boy. We call him our funny boy because he really does keep us laughing. Well, either laughing or crying ;) Either way, he lives up to his name well.
At two, he is still very much obsessed with animals and knows so many animal sounds! He plays with all of his animals everyday and usually has to take some in the car with him. Basically, every toy he owns is an animal; his favorite the farm animals.  I mean really, the boy is obsessed with them! I wonder what Levi will think of all these animal toys we have accumulated when he gets a little older. Isaac also is a lover of salty foods, not so much the sweets. Chips and bacon would have to be his favorite foods.:/ He's a huge fan and gets pretty excited about them. He loves his siblings. I was concerned about how he would act bringing a new baby home but ever since he laid eyes on Levi, he has kissed, patted, hugged and squeezed him every chance he gets.  We do have to use the word "gentle" more often than not but its still pretty sweet to see their brotherly bond forming.  He has become quite the momma's boy over time (he was a daddy's boy there for awhile). I love it! He definitely has his moments but he can just be the sweetest little boy and also will cuddle me a good bit (something sister didn't do too much).
In just a few weeks, he will start his first day of Mothers Morning Out and I'm a little, I can't believe I really signed him up cause I was so hesitant at first and thought I would just keep him with me longer and two, I'm kind of having a hard time picturing him going to "school" with his little backpack and all. But, I feel its the right time and that it will be good for him.
Back to turning two, his actual birthday was on a Saturday and just happened to be the Saturday we very much last minute planned his little party with some friends (like, we planned it in 3 days at the beach- I don't know why I didn't do it earlier. Blame it on the craziness of life).
Anyway, it turned out to be a lot of fun and actually less stress since we literally didn't have time to do much...very low key with just a few good friends.  I'm sure he would say the best part of the party was his little cake we made him.  A chocolate cake with a lot of little plastic animals on top- he was in heaven ;) As soon as he saw it, he went crazy for them and we had to try and hide the cake so he wouldn't try and get the animals. When it came time for him to sit next to it to sing and blow out the candles, he had the biggest smile and made all the different animal noises in front of everyone, making us all laugh. He was excited! Then, of course, he cared more about getting the animals then eating any cake!  It was a fun party and we sure enjoyed celebrating our two year old. We are so thankful for him and how God has already used him in our lives (and we pray the lives of others) to make Him known more and share the testimony of His amazing love and compassionate grace for us. We learned a lot from him when he came into our little world (or tried to come) and for that, we are grateful. He continues to be such a joy.
To my first son, my sweet boy, the one where we learned more about God's promises for us and His unchanging faithfulness to are so loved and we are forever thankful to Him who in His perfect love for us, saw it fit to give us one of the sweetest gifts in giving us a son and expanding our hearts with more love than we ever could imagine. Thank you to the Giver of all good things! We love you precious boy!

we went in his room when he woke in the morning and put balloons in his crib...this is what he first thought of all that

eventually came around to mama's crazy idea

sweet TWO year old on his birthday!!

Later that day, we celebrated his "animal themed" birthday party with some close friends. He was one happy boy so I would chalk it up as a party success! Such a joy celebrating this boy!

i was pretty happy with how his super simple and easy cake turned out so i took a lot of pics...and he really got excited about it too with all those animals

right before singing happy birthday...he pointed to all the animals and made the animal sounds ;)

love this boy soooo much!!!

sister always has to be right near the cake (and help blow out the candles)

opening presents after nap time

Nana couldn't be at the party due to her recent knee surgery but she made sure she put a smile on the birthday boys face by sending a whole lot of balloons....he loved running around with them!

We remembered later on in the day (way after the party) to take a family picture on our boy's special day...

i'm loving Levi cheesin it up!