Sunday, July 26, 2015

memorial day 2015

Our good friends asked us to join them at the lake this year for Memorial Day.  I'm not sure why we haven't been out there more was such a nice area and so fun for the kids with little beaches everywhere.  We will have to make it out there more than just once a year!  Ella loved it and stayed in the water pretty much the whole time with her friend, Tally, or they were busy collecting little seashells.  Isaac would have stayed in the water probably the whole time too if we had let him.  They both are like little fishes!  Levi was a little champ and hung out and took a short nap in the pac-n-play.  We stayed out there most of the day and everyone brought tons of food...and it was good! So glad we went and made some fun memories with the kids and our sweet friends!

awesome lake hair ;)

this picture makes me laugh...Russ put him near the water to come to me and he ran straight in the water to me and fell over and was floating like this...he didn't really like it but just stayed like that till I scooped him up

wiped out! someone had a lot of fun in the sun :)

monthly recap {May}

Trying a new thing here.  Hoping I can keep up with my blog and some of what's going on in life these days by doing a monthly recap.  Since I take so many pictures, and well, life is crazy...maybe this will help to document and remember...
Here's the month of May (in pictures):

We took another trip to the zoo...

This was Mothers Day when Nana, Staci and Curtis came...

Just some of our mundane May days...I remember this particular day they were pestering each other a lot and there were more time outs than I would like to think of but then little scenes like this occurred...

trying hard to keep the little one safe but big brother now climbs the chairs :/

he's well loved thanks to his sissy for surrounding him with all the little stuffed animals 

found him brushing his teeth one morning

I love finding this

movie and popcorn at 10:30 in the morning!

always looking for the animals

We take a lot of selfies to fill up our days...

Had a little Target date with my girl
Starbucks had some samples and she had to try it out

While Nana watched the boys..

We ran a Christ Community 5K at Steeds Dairy...

my chub chub was there to cheer us on ;) and so were the other kids thanks to Auntie Paige watching them

We have a lot of crazy post nap hair days ;)

Trying hard to beat the heat...whatever works

stroller rides...might need to invest in a triple stroller

Lowes trip

Whole Foods trip

playing matching games

every night she asks to cuddle Levi and for us to read her a "pretend" story after we do our real stories, bible and prayer. I absolutely love that she wants to cuddle her little brother every night!

Four and a half months with this squishy awesome little one...

Park with friends one the evening away. Please excuse all the pictures...

At the end of the month, Nana watched our two big kids at her house while we stayed home with just Levi...we went to the Market, had lunch downtown, napped, and had a date night! Levi was a little champ!