Tuesday, May 19, 2015

{easter 2015}

This was certainty a special Easter as it was Levi's first one!  We decided to stay home this Easter and have my family come to visit for the day.  We went to church and then Nana and Uncle Curtis came (Aunt Staci came the day before and spent the night so she was already here).  Of course Nana brought Easter baskets for all and we had our Easter egg hunt tradition outside.  Ella was very competitive and Isaac just wanted to play with his animals Nana got him.  It was a sweet day being with family and even though we all enjoyed the fun treats and eggs and chocolate, it is important to us that we don't lose meaning of why we celebrate this day.  Leading up to Easter, we do our best to explain to our kids that we are celebrating our Risen Savior- the One who rose from the dead on the third day so that we can be with Him forever.  That the work on the cross is finished, that He has paid the penalty of our sins yet not even death could keep him in the tomb.  Jesus conquered death and because of this, we can be assured of our eternity with Him.  We pray our kids would know this truth and celebrate for this reason as they grow and understand more and more.  What a reason to celebrate!

our family Easter picture taken at the church- in bad lighting 

she insisted on that pose and pretty sure she snatched that necklace from someone in the nursery- not sure where it came from!

my sweet family...they make me so happy.

little better lighting

thanks Nana for all the Easter goodies :)

Uncle Curtis meeting Levi for the first time!

decorating her Easter cookies

happy with how they turned out!


Uncle Curtis and Isaac

Isaac is on a mission for something...

Isaac was just happy about his animals...could've cared less about the egg hunt

someone sure has a lot of eggs.....;)

{first zoo trip of 2015}

Russ took a Friday off work the beginning of April and it was a perfect day to head to the zoo. We've been wanting to take the kids and thought Isaac would really love it since he loves all things animals and he was a little older now (and knows all the animal sounds) ;).  It was the first time for little Levi but he was a trooper as usual.  He just hung out in his car seat sleeping and sweating!
Ella and Isaac really enjoyed it and it's always a joy for us to watch them have so much fun and see things with such excitement.  Isaac, still being just 20 months, mainly sat in his stroller and looked around and pointed at some animals.  Ella had a lot of fun riding the pony, eating some ice-cream, riding the carousal, watching the gorillas eat and seeing the pink flamingos. She says her favorite is the gorillas.   
Here is our trip in pictures...

{life lately}

I need to update my blog and document more...because the more kids we have, the more I need to remember. And the more kids we have, the less I am able to remember ;) I want to remember all these little things they are doing and all these little moments we share so when my kids are all grown and moved out, I can look back at this little blog here and read and remember. I know its these things that will always bring a smile to my face (and a flood of tears I'm sure)....anyway, I'm just an emotional, tired mom rambling...
Just an update on the kiddo's lately of some things I can remember....goodness they are growing so so fast.  What I would do to freeze time.  Sure, these days are hard and weary but no doubt, the best days of our lives.  I have to keep reminding myself that when it gets crazy...these are the best days, through the million diaper changes in one day, thousands of outfit changes due to said diaper changes, meltdowns, discipline trials, nursing every few hours, sleepless nights and stir crazy-house bond days...these are the days.

Ella- 4 years old.
Currently loving school (in pre-k 3 with Ms. Susie) and asking to go just about every day, loves to color and is actually really good staying in the lines, loves to be around her friends and every night at bed time, after we do stories and bible reading and prayers, she wants either daddy or I to read to her a "pretend" story about all her friends which currently include: tally, zeke, benemiah, clark, emmy, charlotte, maria, maddy and I might be forgetting someone, her favorite food would have to be "banilla" ice-cream, she loves it when she goes with daddy and Isaac to the "Tin Drum" Asian restaurant and gets chicken, broccoli and rice and then ice-cream after...a special little time with daddy, she still loves all things princesses and currently is back at Cinderella being her favorite one, she can write her name really well (she is such a smart little girl) and she loves, loves, loves to be a big sister to her little brothers.  And I might add, she is quite the good sister at that.  She loves them well and watches over them.  She loves to hold and hug and kiss Levi.  She will hold him and pat his shoulder/back to get him to settle down and not cry.  She will give him his paci too.  And at dinner, she always wants him in his bouncy seat right next to her so she can see him.  Its really sweet to watch and I'm so exciting to watch their special bond continue to grow over the years.  She does love to play with Isaac too- especially now as he's getting closer to 2 and interacting more.  For the most part, they play really well together.

when Levi was teeny tiny

this makes me laugh- this is how Ella draws people and this is baby Levi. she drew this about the time he came home from the hospital. she also drew a picture just like this one that hangs over his crib ;)

always wants to cuddle him before bed 

mommy daughter date to the circus! she loved it!

reading stories before bed time with mr.chunk chunk- one of her favorites ;)

we like to take mommy/daughter selfies sometimes ;)

lover of all pink flowers

they love playing outside together on the swing set

she's a mess too- more often than not, I find her in multiple outfits during her "rest" time.  Here, she even has on her "circus" shoes as she calls them. And she snuck a pen up to her room and decided to draw all over her pillow!!

riding her bike good these days!

ice cream date!

Isaac- 21 months.
This boy is funnny!!! He keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing. You just never know with him...he is very passionate about his emotions! I thought my girl would be the dramatic one but I don't know anymore...this boy has me second guessing.  One things for sure is that he LOVES animals. He knows all the animal noises and has a ton of little animal figurine things.  He will just sit and play with them and make the animal noises. He also will carry whichever animal he is currently obsessed with around for a whole day or more and sometimes has to bring it into the car with him.  He also loves balls; which might explain why he loves to throw all things.  He even has a pretty decent arm.  At the moment, he loves socks. ??  He is a funny eater- never know what he will want what day.  One day he loves something, the next doesn't want anything to do with it (but I guess this is typical toddler fashion). Some of his consistent go to's are chicken nuggets (from Chickfila or Wendys), pizza, fruit, nuts (especially pistachios) , raisins, the other day he loved scallops (probably never again)..he mainly loves to snack.  He (as well as Ella too) loves to be outside whenever possible.  He loves his siblings and also loves to hold, hug and kiss Levi. He loves to go up to Levi and say "heyyy heyyy heyyy" in his sweet little baby voice that he puts on just for him.  We use the word "gentle" on a daily basis around here.  He is saying more and more words these days including:
mama, daddeeee, ella, Olaf, sissy, he calls Levi "Elvi" and its the cutest thing.  I never correct him because I love it so.  Russ and I often say "Elvi" too now cause its so cute, he can now say "please" when we wants ;), he also says: nite nite, cat, sheep, choo-choo, plane, nana for my mom and "nana" for banana, pawpaw for grandpa, flower, toes, nose, shoe "fly" for butterfly and I'm sure some other words that I can't remember right now.  He can repeat a lot of what we say.  When I do flashcards, he is good at repeating.  We are working on disciplining him but its hard- he's at that tricky toddler stage and he's also pretty stubborn. He still has a big head and little legs ;).  He's not as social as his sister.  Pretty shy at first and it takes him longer to warm up but when he does...he's really loud.  He's always really loud at home.  I'm thinking of putting him in mothers morning out next year but I'm not sure he's going to like it like his sister...but I think it will be good for me.  Sometimes when we're somewhere unfamiliar and I put him down, he will just stand there and not move and just look sad and confused :( kind of breaks this mamas heart.  He also really doesn't like the nursery...so we need to work on that.  Lately, he's been more of a mama's boy and its pretty sweet :) He also likes to say "byebye mama" and "love you".  We're working on please and thank you.  When we tell him sissy needs a hug, he will go to her and give her one. Another thing, he loves to look at books and have you read them to him especially animal books. And if they do have animals, he has to point them all out and make the noises!

 he loves looking at books and finding all the animals

i remember this picture-it was my first day alone with all three kiddos...it was kind of crazy but we all made it and we even have {some} smiles to show for it ;)

"Isaac, say Cheeseee"...

smiling with little brother

he's such a ham- Levi's not sure what to think of him ;)

silly boy

Isaac and Ella LOVE it when daddy comes home- they pretty much tackle him as he comes through the door!

over at his little buddy's house and he has all the animals

hanging out with his buddy

hanging with sissy

he loves to look at windows and find any sort of animal

how he wears her headbands ;)

loves looking at books and finding animals- this is how I found him one day (in all the books)

hanging with his bro

more book reading :)

I love this one and hope to remember little things like this...often when I nurse Levi, Isaac comes up to us and pats Levi on the head and says "Heyyy Elvi, Heyyy Elvi" (that's how he says Levi) ;) in his sweet baby talk

patting his head :)

always getting into e v e r y t h i n g!

he loves to have his animals by the window

my little snacker


matchy-matchy...who knew this would kind of melt me!

he is really is obsessed

getting spoiled by his auntie Lenka

wherever he goes, he animals do to

sometimes, he still wants to be the baby

mid morning bath thanks to one dirty little boy

Levi- 3 months.
Say it ain't so. Already three months and the best little babe.  He is just so sweet and laid back (must be like his daddy) and I'm not just saying that ;) He just has an easy-going, sweet demeanor to him and we sure are thankful.  The Lord sure knew what we needed as we embraced (for lack of better words) our new normal as a family of five.
  He doesn't fuss much just some in the evenings when he mainly wants to be held. He is a good eater and a good sleeper- sleeping about 10 hours through the night. He naps about twice a day- long naps. He is smiling like crazy and starting to giggle a lot.  He is ticklish and loves to cuddle up to his sister at night on her bed before bedtime.  He is also starting to recognize us and smiles when he does.  At 2 months, he weighed about 14 lbs and had his first ear infection. When he went back for his recheck about 2 weeks later, he weighed 15 lbs 4 ozs. He is already in the 90% for weight, He is a chunk!! Our biggest babe yet! And we couldn't love him more!!

Levi at 2 weeks old

2 weeks old and practicing his faces ;))

could stare at this face all the day long

lots of cuddling around here

this was levi's first outing with the fam...a walk around the neighborhood shortly after coming home from the hospital

this was when all the cousins came to meet Levi when we got home...not too happy here

he definitely has a sister ;)

such a cuddle bug...never want to forget moments like these

this was at 2 months

just something sweet i want to remember...Ella put that little teddy bear there next to Levi when he was nursing :)

Levi and one of his little buddies

Uncle Curtis meeting Levi for the first time on Easter Sunday

I left the room for just a minute to do something with Isaac and when I came back, I saw this...she was reading to her littlest brother

sweet siblings

love him so!!!