Monday, February 9, 2015

levi's birth story

It's almost been four weeks now that our second son entered our little world...and once he decided to come, he was quick and he was ready to introduce his sweet little self to us.  So, this birth story was quite different and pretty eventful compared to our other two.  And very fast!

It was Wednesday, January 14th and Russ and I were going about our normal day.  I was feeling some contractions but this was nothing new.  I had been feeling contractions since about 32 weeks and they were non-painful and very irregular so I wasn't in the least concerned.  Just the common Braxton Hicks.  I also had a little pressure but again, nothing new.  I had been feeling this pressure for awhile as well and it was nothing different.  I was 39 weeks and 1 day.  At my last appointment (which was right when I turned 38 weeks, so just over a week ago from the 14th), I was only 1 cm dilated and 20% effaced.  My next appointment was scheduled for Friday the 16th and my doctor and I would possibly talk about setting up an induction date depending on my dilation.  
So, back to Wednesday...things were normal...Russ at work, me at home with the kiddos.  Our good friend Kate was coming over around 6 so Russ and I could have our "last" date night before baby.  We had a few date nights already thinking the baby would have come by now but sweet Kate offered to watch the kids for us since I was still pregnant and give us another date night.  Couldn't pass that up ;)
So, Kate came over and the kids were excited she was here.  Russ and I went on our way to one of our favorite restaurants- Tako Sushi.  We ordered quite a lot of food and it was good!  We really enjoyed our time there, just talking and eating and being together.  I was still feeling "normal" for being my pregnant self.  After we finished with Tako Sushi, we headed over to Target to get Ella some new pajamas for her school the next day.  They were having "pajama day" in her class and she needed some new ones to wear (that wasn't a gown or footies).  We found some pajama's and got a few extra little things but did a good bit of walking around the store.  I remember telling Russ I was having a few contractions, but again, they weren't painful and weren't regular so I didn't think much of it...this was nothing new in this pregnancy. 
We went home after Target and Kate had the kids in bed and we talked for a bit to her and then she left.  Russ and I stayed up a little longer and watched a show on T.V. before heading upstairs to get ready for bed.  Russ went up first to shower and I cleaned up some in the kitchen just in case we went to the hospital during the night or the next day....I wanted to have the house clean and dishes put up etc. (my crazy nesting).  I definitely was feeling a bit more pressure at this point and thought I better not do anymore and should just go upstairs and get ready for bed.  I was a little more uncomfortable than usual but I didn't know if it really meant anything at this point.  I think I finished cleaning up for the most part and then headed up to shower.  This was around 11:15 or 11:30.   
I remember thinking, as I was getting ready for bed and in the shower that maybe I should just not shower and leave my hair and make up as is in case we had to go to the hospital because of the pressure I was feeling. Ha! Kind of crazy!  But, I showered and then got in bed which Russ was already in.  It was just before midnight.
Well, as soon as I laid down in bed, the contractions started immediately.  I felt the first one and thought it was a little more intense then any I had felt during my whole pregnancy so I just waited to see if there would be another.  Another one came, maybe 5 or 10 minutes later and still, more intense than I had experienced before.  I told Russ what I was feeling.  He was already asleep and told me to wake him up in 5 minutes if it happened again.  I waited and I had another intense contraction but I didn't wake Russ up....I just didn't know if this was it and this is when you're suppose to head to the hospital or if it was just false labor (which I had been in before with my second pregnancy).  At some point, I woke Russ up again and he again told me to start timing them and wake him up in 5 more minutes.  The contractions kept coming and they were still intense and just different feeling.  I never did time them because I basically didn't need to...they were consistent and coming about every 5 minutes.  They finally were strong enough to where I was moaning or deep breathing while lying in bed and I woke Russ up (who had at the same time woke up because he heard me and was becoming a little concerned at this point).  He decided he better go ahead and check me.  I was 4 cm and my cervix was very very thin.  He said he could feel the water sack.  So, he immediately got up and said we better go to the hospital while staying pretty calm.  I knew that if he thought it was time to was time to go!  So, we got up and dressed and got our bags and I made Russ make the bed ;).  He called our neighbors, Brian and Chelsea while I got some last minute things together.  I was still able to walk and do things but the contractions were still coming.  Our neighbor came over and got the monitor to watch the other kids and Russ and I were out the door.  This was around 1:00 am.  We called my mom on the way to the hospital and told her we were on our way and to just be ready and that we would call her again once we got through triage.  She was excited and I'm pretty sure already ready!  We didn't call Russ' parents because we didn't want them traveling from Carrollton in the middle of the night.
We got to the hospital just after 1:00 am and Russ dropped me off at the doors while he parked the van.  I waited for him and then we went straight up to L&D triage.  We walked around for a minute, not able to find a nurse.  It was pretty quiet up there and there weren't any patients in triage from what we could tell.  Russ finally found a nurse and told her that his wife was in labor.  They put me in a triage room, asked a few questions and then told me to change into a gown and left for a few minutes.  Another nurse came back and checked me.  I was 6 cm at this point and now the contractions were getting stronger and I remember having to hold Russ' hand when they would come.  They were definitely more painful now.  Russ was already telling the nurse they should page my doctor because I was going to go fast once my water broke.  She didn't listen though. We knew they had certain protocol to follow but we also knew that things were happening and happening fast...and from my past pregnancies, I was gonna go quickly.  I also made it clear to her that I wanted an epidural.  But, I already had a feeling from the time I got there that this whole thing was gonna happen fast and there probably wasn't going to be time for my doctor or an epidural for that matter.  But, I held out hope ;)
They immediately put me in a wheelchair and took me to a delivery room.  I remember there were like four nurses in there when I got there, all busy doing stuff in the room to get it set up...moving pretty fast.
I got in the bed and one nurse wanted me to lay down so she could hook me up to the monitor.  At that point, I was in so much pain and the contractions were in full force that I really didn't think I could lie down like that.  I somehow did and she hooked me up. Then another nurse attempted my IV, missed and another nurse got it in the other arm and drew labs as well.  They said they needed the labs in order to get an epidural...This whole time I was squeezing Russ' hand and couldn't let go.  I told them I couldn't lay like that so the nurses told me to turn on my side.  I did but it didn't help much.  The contractions were just so bad.  I later found out the nurses wanted me on my side so no baby would come out!  I remember I kept asking for my epidural.  We knew the anesthesiologist was in house and just got done with a surgery but they would not page him.  I also kept asking if they had paged my doctor but that was a no as well.  Then, at some point, I remember looking at my nurse and saying I wasn't going to have time for the epidural and she just kind of looked at me with pity and said I was doing a good job and everything would be okay.  I knew what that meant and I also knew things were moving way fast.  Things kind of get blurry for me here and I don't remember too many details...other than the pain ;) But, I kept feeling this crazy, painful, weird feeling that something was coming out of me and I couldn't stop it.  It was like my body was pushing something out and I wasn't doing anything.  I couldn't stop it or control anything that my body was was just happening and it was such a weird feeling.  I wasn't pushing or trying to but my body was taking over and there was nothing I could do.  I remember yelling to the nurses multiple times, "something is coming out" and I was looking at Russ...very scared!  A nurse checked me again around this time and apparently, I was complete.  I was still on my side and there was no doctor yet.  The nurses would check to see if my water had broke in which at that point, it had not.  Russ says that once I was complete is when they paged the on-call doctor and my doctor as well.  They never did page the anesthesiologist.  Anyway, I was complete and the pressure was unreal, the contractions non-stop and I was (what felt like to me) yelling and telling everyone that I just couldn't do this.  I kept saying that and really didn't know how I was going to make it and have this baby without an epidural.  It didn't seem possible for me.  But, Russ stayed by my side and I just squeezed his hand and never let go.  He said at one point, he had rolled up his sleeves and was ready in case he had to help deliver the baby.
The next thing I knew, I turned over in the bed (my back was to the door) and there was a doctor, gowning up quickly telling me her name and also that she was going to deliver my baby.  I just remember looking at her with this awful, dreadful look and thinking to myself...I don't care who you are or what you're doing but you better help and get this baby out of me now!  When she got there, I still remember yelling that something was coming out and finally at some point, my water broke and the head was basically out...Russ could see it.  It was so painful and the doctor was still gowning up but they told me to put my legs in the stirrups so I managed to do that.  Then, the doctor was ready and they told me to wait for my next contraction because the baby was coming out.  I remember asking her to please get it out!  I waited and it felt like years but was really only seconds (I guess) and then the contraction came, I pushed and out came the baby.  With just that one push.  It was January 15th. He was born at 2:05 in the morning.  I was looking trying to see if it was a boy or girl.  Since my doctor did not make it in time to deliver me, the doctor who did didn't realize we didn't know the gender so it wasn't a big deal to anyone but Russ and I.  I was looking but then I heard Russ say "Its a boy"!!  Levi Thomas Ayers.  He was here and he was big weighing in at 8lbs and 8 ozs.  Our biggest baby by far!  I was a little surprised since neither of us had strong feelings on what the gender would be but at the same time, I was in so much shock and pain that I couldn't really focus on anything else...not even my new baby.  I remember asking if everything was okay with him and it was.  I remember hearing him cry and Russ snapping a picture real quick of him and the nurses taking him over to the warmer.  But that's pretty much it.  I was kind of in a daze and still hurting.  Then, my doctor and the on-call doctor came.  The on-call doctor peeked in, realized he was too late and left.  My doctor stayed to stitch me up.  The doctor who had delivered me had already started stitching me up.  She had numbed me but I could still feel what she was doing.  My doctor took over and had to numb me again until I finally couldn't feel it anymore. I apologized to the delivery doctor for anything I might have said while delivering.  It was pretty crazy.  The nurse asked me if I wanted to hold him but I just couldn't.  I felt so disconnected from him those first hours because I was in so much pain and couldn't believe we had just had a baby.  I do remember Russ holding him with a big smile on his face and that made me feel better.  I just remember feeling no emotions when the baby came because it was so crazy...quite the experience for sure.
After getting stitched up, they wheeled us into a postpartum room.  My mom got there sometime around 4 in the morning.  She came to our room and then went to look at Levi in the nursery where he was getting cleaned up.  She then went back to our house so Chelsea, who ended up sleeping on our couch to be with the kids, could go home.  We were so exhausted but also unable to sleep from everything that just happened and happening so fast.  We were just thankful that we had made it to the hospital in time and that the labor happened as fast as it did and that Levi was healthy and here.  And we were ready for some rest!
Looking back, I still can't believe what all took place that morning.  I know labor can happen fast but I never really prepared myself for what I went through.  I'm grateful though and although I wouldn't want to do natural again, it is kind of an amazing experience to have and have gone through...but thank goodness it was super fast cause I don't know how I could have lasted another minute.  Some say you'll forget about the pain you felt....I'm not sure about that yet but I know I will never forget this birth story.  Every story is certainly a miracle and I thank God for these little ones He has entrusted us with.  Levi was and is definitely worth every bit of pain I felt and I would do it all over again just to have him in my arms...right where he belongs.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us...
Ephesians 3:20

It's a boy!!!

welcome to the world sweet Levi Thomas!!

first time holding my little guy

first photo with Levi right after his birth with mommy and daddy

sweet BIG boy!!

This was right when Ella and Isaac came to the hospital to meet Levi. When I called her on the phone later that morning, I told her mommy had her baby.  She asked me "what kind did you have?" I told her we had a baby Levi and she said "but what kind" and I told her "baby boy Levi" and she almost cried to me "but I wanted a baby sister"and then right after that she said "when can I come see him, I want to see him now"....
This was the first time she saw him.  She was sure to hold him right away and didn't want to put him down.  She was all smiles and such a proud big sister.  She never mentioned anything about a baby sister since.  She also told me "mommy, you love Isaac...this is my baby"!!! Melts my heart!  I love how she loves her brothers so.  She wanted to be near him the whole time and hug and kiss him constantly.  For awhile, she would call him "baby Eli" ;)

my three sweet little loves! My heart is full!

first family of five photo...I have a feeling this will be how it is for awhile trying to get a pic of us all...a new normal :)

just loving on her littlest brother 

checking him out

Isaac loves to pat his head 

more loving from the siblings...they couldn't get enough of little brother

Auntie Kate brought Ella and Isaac to the hospital.  Here she is meeting Levi for the first time.  The kids love her!

they love him already ;)

more head patting ;)

a happy big sister

Auntie Lenka meeting Levi for the first time!

proud big sister with her sticker on and she really liked that little balloon Auntie Lenka brought..she had to take it home with her

sweet boy


Nana helping sissy hold Levi

those cheeks....

checking out Nana...;)

Grandma and Nana with their 3 grand babies 

more alert now and checking out my baby

this is Ella's big sister bear that Nana bought for her in the hospital gift store...Ella put it right up there with Levi in the bassinet when she came into the room (the second day) so Levi could snuggle it ;)

lovin on her brother


she is in love and my heart is overflowing

these are pictures that Auntie Kate took...just more of the siblings meeting Levi

i love Isaac's face here and how happy he is

pretty intense brother interaction ;)

all ready to take this sweet boy home!!

i just love this face

daddy and his newest little boy

mama love

first car ride...home!

we are home and Levi's siblings were sooo excited to love on him more...

big brother lovin...looking so proud

this is one loved little boy!!!

Welcome little Levi! We love you so much and you are the perfect addition to our family! We praise God for you, a good and perfect gift from Him! You will be forever loved and cherished, sweet boy!