Wednesday, January 28, 2015

isaac {18 months}

I need to update and write things down on here before I forget everything that Isaac is doing and saying at 18 months.  He is such a funny little boy with his big personality coming through more each day.  He definitely keeps us laughing and definitely (as they say) keeps us on our toes these days.  
Here are some of the things he is doing/saying/loving at 18 months:
-For "mama" he says "maa-maaaah" It makes us laugh because he sounds like a little Yankee saying it.  Pretty cute.  Hope I can record him saying it before he says it differently.
- He is obsessed with animals, especially farm animals.  He loves to read books about them and point to them and make all the animal noises.  So far he knows what the lion says (that was his first animal noise), the cow says, the dog, sheep, goat, elephant, bird, duck, horse (his latest), chicken, and probably some others I'm forgetting but that's a lot of animals. ;)
- He loves to sit in your lap and have you read books to him...he could go through a ton of books just sitting there 
- He can now say "ella" when talking about sissy and he can also say "olaf" anytime you point to him in a book- kind of funny
-He started walking at 17 months!!! :)))
-Loves his bath times with sissy
-Loves when daddy comes home.  He and sissy will run to the door to get to him
-He loves his sissy and anytime she is crying, he always goes up to her and gives her hugs.  He also loves to wake her up by getting on her bed and laying on top of her and giving her big hugs for a long time
-He knows what it means to "go eat" and will walk over to his highchair to eat
-He loves to cuddle his sleepsack and has to sleep with his little animals (a horse and cow)
-He loves to be outside, of course ;)
-He gives kisses now but mainly to his sister
-He also became a big brother just before turning 18 months and he loves his little brother.  He loves to hold and hug him and also pat his head ;) and give him some kisses... he is pretty good at being gentle with him but also has a little bit of jealously too whenever Ella holds him or mommy/daddy

Here are some pictures of my sweet and wild little boy who is no longer the baby and feels so big to me now.... 
He looks a lot like my brother in these first few pictures...

my little cuddle bug...loves to cuddle his sleep sack

with daddy after a little bike ride out back

always loves to cuddle his sister...always

i love these two so much and hope they always have this sweet is so special to watch

and one of him loving on his new baby brother....which i will post more about soon (once i find the time and energy with a lot more pics)!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

christmas snippets 2014

Christmas time each year just keeps getting more magical with little kids to celebrate with.  Now that Ella is four and understands a little more about Christmas and the reasons we celebrate it, its so fun to watch how giddy and exciting it can be and brings back so many memories and feelings when I was her age.  My mom has always been big into holidays and traditions so that has stuck with me and is important for me to do some of the same with my little family.  And, this year, we also started doing "Truth in the Tinsel," an advent activity that involves scripture and crafts for each day until Christmas.  Still a lot for a four year old to take in but she gets it more and more each time.
This Christmas was also our first one staying home and not traveling to our families since we are expecting our third babe very soon.  We really enjoyed having my family here for Christmas Eve and Christmas and going to the Christmas Eve service at our church (for the first time as well).  And, we celebrated in our new house! Then, Russ' parents came for the weekend after Christmas.   We are thankful for this season of life and for the joy and gifts He has given to and for us.

Christmas 2014 in pictures:

on the Christmas tree hunt...

found it!

The start of Christmas baking...

And a lot of Christmas stories reading...

Gingerbread house making with Nana...a tradition since I was a kid!

her gingerbread house...all done ;)

Her school Christmas program.  She was one of the angels...

at the reception afterwards

Ella and her bestie, Tally went on a father/daughter date to Lights of the South and had a great time...

Ella's school Christmas party..,

Riding the "donkey" to Bethlehem... 

My little "helpers" making Christmas cookies to deliver to friends and our neighbors...

finished cookies and upside down (too lazy to edit)

Daddy teaching about the story of Jesus with the Little People naivety...Isaac was obsessed with the animals ;)

 My Christmas babies before the Christmas Eve service...

love this little ham ;)

At the Christmas Eve service...

Christmas Eve night...ready for Christmas morning...

Isaac was really excited about sister's new bicycle...just had to get on it! Ella loved it too!

Christmas morning breakfast because its what she requested (just like last year). Made special by her daddy!

Finally able to deliver some Christmas cookies to our neighbors

Celebrating the birth of Jesus by singing happy birthday with the cake Nana brought...

Christmas 2014

And a few from New Years at our friends house...2014 was a good one. A year of growth, challenge, and joy but we are thankful for how the Lord works in and through us each year- even if we can't see it now.  He is good. Always. May we never lose sight of that truth and the promises it brings.  We are certainly excited for what 2015 has to bring, beginning with a new little member of our family; growing us to a family of 5!! How sweet (and yet challenging and emotional and with weary days) it will be but knowing the Lord will give us the strength we need to get through each day...hour by hour. 
To Him, who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us!!
Eph 3:20-21

love these boys!!

And one of her riding her new a pro ;)