Thursday, December 18, 2014

{birthday party for the 4 year old}!!!!

Of course we had a Frozen birthday party for our four year most little girls her age ;) She is really into all things princess-y and Frozen and Rapunzel are her favorite at this time so we went with the easier, more popular one...Frozen.  And she loved it and had a complete blast! My mom bought her a beautiful Elsa dress for the party day and she still wears it just about everyday! We asked her friends to dress up in either princess costumes or some form of a Disney character since we were also inviting some boys over too.  My sweet friend (who owns her own bakery shop) helped me frost her cute little cake and we partied the day away...Frozen style that is ;)  I just love watching her excitement and just feel giddy inside thinking of the fun she had and how much her little party meant to her.  She told us it was "the best birthday party ever" and that "Elsa cake is her favorite"!!  I know its not all about the party and presents and cake but it is about celebrating my girl and the wonderful four years the Lord has blessed us with and looking forward to the many, many more years we will share together.  And the special memories we will/can create and little moments like these are some pretty great ones!
Anyway, we were so happy she could celebrate with so many friends and my sister and mom were able to come too!  She was one happy little Elsa princess for sure!

I loved her cake- got the idea straight off Pinterest 

Peter Pan was there too...he wasn't sure what to think of it all

besties ;)

she loved those balloons!

do you wanna build a snowman....;)



And singing happy birthday to the birthday girl...I love all her expressions...


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

my baby is four!!!

Say it ain't baby is four years old!!!! The little girl that made me a momma...I can still remember the moment the nurse put her on my chest for the very first time and literally, she was breathtaking to me.  All the emotions, all the anticipation and prayers and waiting...this was it.  I was a momma for the first time and I was in love all over again.  She had my heart from that very moment and hasn't given it back since.  But that's okay.  I know she'll always have a huge piece of it for sure.
I've learned so much from my girl over these past four years.  As hard as parenting can be, there is nothing else as rewarding and worth it.  I know I will look back and long for these crazy, hard days again.  I will miss them.  They are fleeting and when the days seem just about impossible to continue on, I try to constantly remind myself of this.  I will miss all the little things she currently, the way she loves to dress up and even put multiple princess dresses or tutus on...all the time! And how she loves to get "tickles" at night and how she loves to dance with her daddy (she will always be a daddy's girl) and how she loves anything pink and princess-y and loves "banilla" ice- cream the most and loves Christmas time and decorating the tree over and over and putting candy canes on it.  The way she loves to hug her little brother and pester him at the same time.  How she loves to do "Ella and Issie baby" after baths with daddy holding them both in their towels.  And she really wants a baby sister and even has gotten out her own newborn shoes she found in the closet and set them out for "baby sister to wear to church when she comes home".  She says that we don't need another baby brother ;)  I want to remember how when I tell her I love her, she says "I love you for the most" and then I'll say "I love you the most" and she'll say "I love you forever"...she is so precious to us and we are so thankful for her.  So undeserving of the sweet gift she is yet she is so cherished.
So, happy fourth birthday sweet girl!  We love you so very much and look forward to all the Lord has in store for you as you continue to grow into the beautiful, sweet and loving little girl you are.

And pictures...just because.

i love how they love each other. such a good big sister!

daddy's girl through and through

my sweet four year old!!