Thursday, November 6, 2014

hilton head 2014

(this post is out of order..ugh! i like for them to be in order but i don't know what blogger is doin-this trip was from the summer in August)

We made our annual summer beach trip this year to Hilton Head.  We love it there and Nana was able to come with us too.  This was also Isaac's first beach trip so many memories were made with the fam- fun ones and stressful ones ;)  I guess I had forgotten how it can be stressful at times with a baby at the beach- needing to nap etc.  Thankfully, Nana would stay back some and let Isaac nap while we hit the beach for the majority of the day.  Nana also let Russ and I have a date night on our 8th anniversary!
Some things I want to remember about our first family of four (and Nana) beach trip:  the way Isaac loved to play in the sand but mostly would just want to eat it.  He would put it in his mouth by the handful so we had to watch him closely, the way Ella loved to build sandcastles and wanted her pink shovel, the way they both love to swim in the water and how Ella did so good with her swimming in the pool- she loves to go under the water and is constantly putting her head under and swimming to whoever is nearest to her, the way she loved going to the ocean but then got swept under by a little wave (right by the shore...I was right next to her ;)) and then became scared of the waves so she wouldn't go in the water after that and how when I was out in the ocean, she was so concerned about the "baby in mommy's belly" and that it would get hurt by the waves and not be able to "sleep" sensitive and thoughtful she is!  Of course I took a bazillion pictures of our time in Hilton Head...

at the pool with daddy

first time at the beach- pretty excited!

collecting sand for her sandcastles 

my two beach babes ;)

they had fun with their nana

we attempted a family photo in the water...

and some walking with daddy

celebrated eight years together out to dinner and to a movie...first time we'd been to a movie in over five years!! so thankful for this man in our lives! 

a little one-on-one time with this cutie early in the morning due to some fussiness and waking up too early every morning we were there...but then daddy would go and bring back some donuts and coffee. that little smile and those yummies wasn't too bad after all ;)

we did a lot more playing at the beach and building sandcastles

apparently it looked really yummy to a certain someone...

we liked to take pictures together in our "matching" hats

this silly boy was all about climbing in and out of that chair- so funny to watch!

here he is after climbing in by himself and looking so proud

went to one of our favorite seafood restaurants one night

she was all about smiling for the camera...she picked that spot for a picture

made it to the lighthouse one night. or as ella would say "lightening house"

of course, family pic in front of it

isaac had fun pushing sissy in the stroller ;)

me and my sweet girl...i will always treasure these times i have with my family! love them so!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Halloween was a fun one this year.  Thanks to my mom and my good friend for helping to make our family theme/costumes happen!!  My mom made Isaac a Peter Pan outfit which turned out so cute and just a few hours before the festivities were to begin, my good friend found me an outfit to wear as "Wendy" at the Salvation Army...I had given up on dressing up with the rest of my family because I had gotten lazy and then I couldn't find anything but thank goodness for friends who will shop for you very.last.minute.  We pulled it off and we were the "Peter Pan" family.  Russ was Caption Hook, I was Wendy, Isaac Peter Pan and Ella was Tinkerbell...which is where the whole idea started from.  She saw the Tinkerbell costume at Costco and had to have it.  So, we decided we would get it for her and she could wear it for Halloween.
Of course, we took pictures at the house before leaving for the night.  We went to our churches fall carnival and then headed to the annual Christ Community Trunk or Treat downtown.  It was such a fun time....

sweet little Tink

my favorite- Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

First Pres Fall Carnival...Ella enjoyed seeing her friends, playing some games to win candy and seeing the animals from the "petting zoo" there....

peter pan and caption hook

Peter Pan, Wendy and Princess Anna

I just loved his little hat- thought his Nana did such a good job on it.  He didn't want to wear it much at all so whenever he had it on, I tried to snap a pic!

And the only ones we got at Christ Community trunk or treat...

he loved that little ghost thing- kept trying to get it

ready to call it a night ;)

And just thankful Nana took her time and talent to make this sweet Peter Pan outfit for my little man...she did an awesome job!! Thanks Nana ;)