Thursday, September 25, 2014

new jersey 2014

This summer was a busy one, including driving to New Jersey right after moving into our new house.  The thought alone of driving up there was completely stressing me out but we hadn't been since Ella was about 9 months old so we knew this was something we should do- to see all our relatives and for them to meet Isaac.  We didn't stay long.  It seemed we did more driving than actual visiting but it was worth it and we are glad we went.  Pictures can say it best so here is a recap of our time there (although I really didn't take that many of them)...

she loved swimming in Uncle Bobby's pool

playing in the pool with some of her cousins 

It rained a good bit while we were there but we managed to take Ella to the boardwalk one rainy afternoon with my sister and brother.  One of the many memories I always have when going to New Jersey- the boardwalk!  Ella loved it and loved the all the rides...she was so excited about all there was to do.  She really didn't want to leave :(

this was as we were parking at the boardwalk...someone was tired ;)

but super excited when she saw all the fun around her
the girls :)

playing a game with daddy to when a Nemo fish

with her Nemo fish she won

excited to get on the rides

Aunt Staci braved it and rode the pink elephant with her ;)

riding the carousel

helicopter ride

riding the pink truck

We also made it on cousin Jeff's boat for a ride and Ella was so thrilled.  She stood up the whole time and would not sit down.  She kept telling Jeff "ready, set, GO" to go super fast...she wanted to go real fast the whole time.  It was fun watching her excitement.

Then time to head home again....we were ready for the driving to be over with!

Until next time!! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

{smash cake}

Since we didn't have Isaac's first birthday party until just a few weeks ago (yep, in September) due to moving and vacations, we decided to just make him a smash cake on his actual birthday and keep it low key with just our little fam (and one friend came over) and celebrate that way.  Because regardless, our boy needed to be celebrated on his big day and this mama was going to do something.  Well, he wasn't too thrilled about his little cake...he stared at it for awhile and then played in it for a minute or two and that was that.  Not sure he tasted much of it at all- maybe just a lick.  But, that's okay cause his mama and sister ate a fair portion for him ;)
It was an exciting day to celebrate with family and friends at his little birthday party but until I get that posted, here are the few pics I have from his first birthday celebration (on his actual bday) ;)

Happy First Birthday baby boy!!!!!

{first swim lessons}

Ella had her first swim lessons this summer.  She had them with her bestie and they had a blast.  Ella did so so good and did just what her teacher would tell her to do (well, for the most part that is).  She wasn't afraid and the teacher said she was always the first to do whatever it was they were learning.  Proud of this girl.  So thankful she isn't afraid of the water and that she is already learning safety techniques to swim.  The lessons were only about 2 weeks but she learned a lot.  The parents could only watch the last day and I was unsure of how she would do with her daddy and I both there but she did great.  She even went off the diving board by herself.  Now, whenever we go to a pool, she is like a little fish, always under the water too.  She just loves it.  Hopefully, she can do more next summer...

very first day...with her bestie

the rest are on the last day, where the parents could stay and watch and then they had a little treat afterwards made from her teacher...

nice and sweaty and i could eat him up

ella and her swim teacher

I took a lot of she is jumping off the diving board like a champ!

and here going under water to retrieve some toys


jumping in by herself..