Friday, June 13, 2014

last day of "big tots'

Ella had her last day of Big Tots at Covenant in May.  She has become such a big girl and I am so proud of her.  She has learned and grown so much.  She really liked her teacher, Ms. Kim.  I know she will be looking for her when she goes back next year.  Her best friend in the class was a little boy, Clark.  They would always play together and when Ella would walk in to class, Clark would get excited and run to her and give her a hug.
Just for the "memory book", while driving to school on her last day, I was telling her I loved her.  I would say " I love my Ella girl" and then she would say " I love my mommy girl" ;))  She is so special and such a sweet girl.  Sometimes I get sad as I see how big she is getting but then I'm so excited to watch and see how the Lord will use her and what He has in store for this special girl...

Anyway, of course I had to document with pictures.  First and last day of school...

first day of Big Tots:

last day of Big Tots:

And just a look back at her year as a Big Tot:

her first Christmas program (although you can't see her in this pic, she's in the corner)

Easter egg hunt

showing her brother all her eggs she collected and warming him up with his blanket

happy with all her treats 

receiving her gold medal (which all the kids got) for participating in Sports Day 

10 months

Can't believe my little man is 10 months.  Well, actually he will be 11 months next week but we won't think about that.  I love him!  He is just the sweetest.  And he is pretty lazy.  We call him our lazy baby and we were enjoying the laziness while it lasted but last week (June 2nd), he finally started crawling and now he is crawling all over the house and getting into everything.  He still doesn't like to hold his own bottle and isn't quite pulling up on things.  So at 10 months he is: mostly saying "dada" a lot.  I like to think he says "mama" sometimes but still not sure about that.  He loves to eat and is doing better with his different baby foods, he is a mama's boy :), he takes 2 naps a day, sleeps great through the night, loves to be around his sister and loves to watch whatever is going on around him, he gets so excited when his daddy comes home from work, he is very ticklish, loves hair and loves to eat it and loves to get in the bath with sissy.  Now he tries to "swim" in the bathtub....kind of scary.  I think he has about 8 teeth and weighs probably just over 20 lbs.
I just can't get enough of him.  His little smile gets me every time and my heart is full of thanksgiving that he is our little boy.  So much love for him!
Here are some pictures from when he turned 10 months:

Disney World 2014

Waaayyy back in February, our family, along with the in-laws and cousins made our first trip to Disney World.  I wasn't so sure about taking our family at first because they are still pretty young.  But, it was definitely worth going to.  Ella had such a blast and loved most the Magic Kingdom and then Animal Kingdom.  That is where we spent most of our time.  Russ and I took a trip sans kiddos to Epcot, which was fun too.  Thankfully, grandma and grandpa were willing to stay most days at the resort with Isaac.  He did though make it to one park- the Animal Kingdom where we went on a fun safari with the whole family.  We also spent a lot of time at the Holiday Inn Resort which was really nice.  We did some swimming at the different pools and some playing on the playgrounds.

It was so fun to see Ella light up and get so excited about seeing the different characters and riding the little kid rides.  Her favorite Disney character at that time was Cinderella so we had to meet her and take some pictures.  She loved it.  She loved riding the huge carousel, the tea cups and the Dumbo ride.  Russ and I were like little kids again.  And, most days, we would treat ourselves to ice-cream at the park...expensive but yummy.

Here are pictures from our Disney trip..

The Magic Kingdom from our first day...

first time seeing the castle!!!

she didn't want to take her minny mouse ears off

meeting Cinderella!!

A day in the Animal Kingdom...

tree of life at the Animal Kingdom

getting ready for the safari

with her cousin, excited to see all the animals

and Ella's favorite...the gorillas!!

Isaac, on the other hand could have cared less.  He fell asleep quickly on the bumpy ride.

the whole gang

We went back to Magic Kingdom, just the three of us...

tea cups.  she really did love it ;)

one of her favorite things was getting ice-cream.  the strawberry ice-pop was her fave.

lunch break

she loved riding the carousel with daddy

We did some swimming at the resort.  This was Isaac's first time in the water.  He loved it.

isn't he just the cutest ;))

Russ and I had a date night at Epcot Center.  We ate in Asia and had amazing dessert in France ;)

this may have been the toughest decision the whole trip. they all looked divine.  

this was picture worthy.  mine on the left was sooooo good- the chocolate duo i think it was called.

in asia ;)

One night, we kept Ella up a little later and took her to Magic Kingdom with her cousins to see the night parade with all the floats lit up...

we didn't stay too long for the fireworks.  she didn't like them.

On the last day we went back to the Magic Kingdom and took her cousin along with us.  They had so much fun together!!

riding the Dumbo ride

riding the jungle boat

riding the tea cups together

apple break

And that's a wrap with the pictures.  So glad we went.  Ella is still talking about Disney World even now...always wanting to go back.  Maybe one day we can!!