Friday, January 31, 2014

{snow day 2014}

It's been three years since we had snow at our house.  So, when we heard that it was coming, we were like little kids the night before Christmas.  I always want snow for just a few days every year.  I love it.  But that never really happens so we take it when we can and make the most of it.  Russ was constantly checking the weather forecast and Ella even had school the day it was suppose to start coming in (most of the other schools in the county had cancelled but because she got out at 1 pm, they didn't feel like they needed to cancel).  She was so excited that snow might be coming.  The kids in her class had learned a lot about snow and snowmen this winter season so although she had never played or even seen snow that she could remember, she was greatly anticipating it and ready to build her own snowman.  So, she got home from school and we waited a bit to see what the weather was doing.  It had already sleeted a little bit but that was it.  She didn't want to take a nap because she didn't want to miss any snow.  We finally got her down though.  
After a lot of waiting and checking the forecast, it appeared the snow wasn't going to come until much later.  Ella woke up from her nap around 5ish and the first thing she wanted to do was build a snowman.  It was a little sad for her because there was no snow yet.  Finally, later that night, it started to snow.  We showed Ella through the window since it was pretty late and she was about to go to bed.  
We woke up early the next morning, kind of giddy about the snow (mainly for Ella and her excitement).  I thought I had gotten up before her and I was going to take her to the window to show her all the snow that had fallen overnight.  We went into her room but she had already been up and looking out her own window.  Sure enough, she was excited and ready to go.  We had all of about 2 inches but for us southerners, that was pretty good.  

it was like a winter wonderland ;)

first time playing in the snow!!

The first thing we did, of course was build a snowman.  And I took a lot of pictures. ;)

ready to build her snowman

she was serious about building a snowman

Our neighbor friends came over as we were building the snowman and Ella and her little friend took off to the house next door.  It had a lot of untouched snow still...

here he is...she named him Jack the snowman ;)  classic!  And check out that cute little snow bear!

Here he is again, first time seeing snow.  He was thrilled.

she had to do a snow angel too

We then headed over to a friend's house for some sledding, chili and more playing...

she LOVED sledding

After building two snowmen, a lot of sledding, some chili, playing with friends, snow angels and some hot chocolate, it was the perfect snow day for us!  Her first snow day is a memorable one for sure.

And these cheeks are pretty perfect too...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{sister and brother}

Watching my little girl become a big sister has been quite amusing on most days.  I find myself whipping out my camera to capture something she has done to her poor, innocent brother.  It makes for a good laugh even on the hard days.  I think even he has become pretty entertained by his sisters loving, playful and crazy ways.  He seems pretty chill with it for the most part but I definitely have to keep a close eye on her.
I have been meaning to document some pictures of their interaction ever since we brought our little guy home.  It was an instant bond between the two and she took right to him, excited to have a little baby in the house that she could play with, help care for and dress up.  Because we didn't find out the gender of the baby, she sometimes still calls him "sister".  Ha!  But either way, they are pretty cute together.  Here is some documentation since bringing him home of the two....

this was shortly after bringing Isaac home from the hospital.  Within minutes, sister had her toys on his blanket in the car seat, talking to him and checking him out again

here he is with all the toys she wanted him to have after coming home

holding him for the first time since coming home

she loved him from the start.  him...still checking her out

always trying to help

she always wants to be close to him

"here baby, here are your spec-sta-bles"...she would always bring her vegetables from her kitchen over to his play mat and he loved it.  she would pretend to cook for him all kinds of things

things like this would happen a lot too....

reading her bible to him

here he is with all his "spec-sta-bles"

always cuddling together

wonder who put all these stickers on him..

giving him his paci

giving kisses

good chance there will be something on his head

playing dress up.  poor guy.

she managed to put this skirt on him while in the exersaucer

This is just the first six months of these two together...can't wait to watch their relationship over the years!