Friday, March 8, 2013

valentines 2013

I love Valentines Day.  Maybe because it is a little happy in the midst of a weary winter month.  Or all the pink and red and hearts and yummy treats.  I just think it's the cutest.  I usually try to make a little valentine treat around that day.  It has become a fun tradition for us.  And Russ is good at making up a little something sweet too- usually in the form of hearts :)  Last year he had us a little surprise when we woke and this year he didn't disappoint either.  He makes the day special for us.  
But, the fun thing about this year on Valentines Day was crafting with my little girl.  She was actually pretty sick on Valentines and we didn't do much of anything so this crafting was a little outlet for us both and gave us something to do.   Of course, she didn't understand much of what was going on but that didn't really matter.  She actually really enjoyed it and wanted to keep making more and more.  We made these crafts for some special people in our lives: nana, grandma and grandpa, some of her "aunties" who love her and us so well and do a lot for us, and her little bestie too.  I got the idea from here, a blog I really enjoy reading.  I love the verses she used on her hearts and this one really stuck with me throughout the day:

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.  God is love.  Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. 
1 John 4:16

I thought it was extra-special that Ella could actually take part in making the hearts.  She put all the little hearts in all the big hearts and I think she was a little proud of herself too :)  She kept asking to "make hearts" when we were done.  We were able to give most of them out the day before Valentines, sick and all but it certainly made some people smile.  I think we will have to make some next year too!

Here she is delivering her hearts to some of her "aunties".  They seemed to love them.  Poor little girl- she looks so sick with her dark, swollen eyes :(  I'm surprised she was up for a picture.  

Some pictures via instagram:

-Ella and I waking up to our surprise Valentines breakfast
-Some early V day treats from the hubs
-Heart shaped pancakes and strawberries 
-Ella liked making the hearts so much and kept asking to make more- so we made one for her to keep

-My sick little girl on Valentines Day wanting to go "nite nite" (during the day) on the kitchen floor...she has all her juice sippies close by
-Getting a little heart happy with a certain little helper- she really wasn't much of a help though ;)
-Valentines cookies we made and gave out with our valentine hearts 
-The only time she would smile and cheer up a little...when daddy came home

Thursday, March 7, 2013

since turning two...

It's hard keeping up with my two year old and trying to record all that she has done and is doing.  Hopefully I can start doing a better job at that (I think I say that all the time- looking at my track record on blogging, I'm not so sure its gonna happen).  I really do want to remember the little things though that she does and says- just about every day it seems to be something new.  She is a smart little girl with so much personality.  
So, since she turned two back in November and I am obviously behind, here is a little catch up of what she has been doing since:
(**for most of these pictures, my camera would not work in manuel mode so please excuse the poor quality/lighting)

She has become very interested in her babies and loves to care for them.  She especially loves to put them "nite-nite"

Here she is making her baby say "cheese" to the camera:

And she loves to read to her babies:

She continues to become quite the diva:

And likes to dress herself:

In this one, she is wearing her new Toms her Aunt Staci got her:

She has a huge imagination (here she is feeding her duck after she insisted we pray with it):

She is still her spunky, active little self:

And always thinks she is bigger than she really is...and always wants to be like her daddy (warms my heart): 

Shortly after turning two, she became obsessed with her blankie and pillow (this pillow her cousin made her for Christmas) and she has to always take her naps and go nite-nite with both:

And she loves her pink "dabbies" or jammies and will always ask for them (they are actually borrowed from her best friend- don't know if she will be getting them back) :))

Just being a big girl.  She usually refuses her high-chair and fights us to put her in it.  We have been on the hunt for a booster seat

Some of her other loves at two:
She loves loves loves any iPhone or iPad she can get her hands on.  She especially loves to look at the pictures we have taken on there and she can pretty much use them better than I can.  
She still loves to dance all.the.time.  This girls got rhythm- I need to get her in a dance class soon!  She also now loves to sing.  She is pretty good at memorizing the words of her favorite songs.  Her favorite songs might be any from Taylor Swift. :(  Her daddy and I needless to say are pretty sick of hearing Taylor in our house.  Other songs she knows and sings pretty well are "Jesus loves me", "Twinkle Twinkle little star", "Wheels on the bus", and "Itsy  Bitsy Spider".  She also knows all her numbers and colors and is working on her letters.
We have discovered she is definitely her mothers daughter- loves chocolate like crazy.  She rarely gets it but when she does, she is one happy girl and usually cries for more (just like her mommy).
She still likes her broccoli, green beans, black beans, any kind of fruit and has really taken to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
She loves to be outside, swim at the Kroc center, color, pretend she is cooking like daddy, build blocks and be around other people.  She is very much a social little girl.  And so much fun!!!

sprinkle birthday party fun

Still playing catch-up...for Ella's 2nd birthday party, we threw a "sprinkle with love" theme.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was pretty cute.  And, since she is not really into any themes/characters or anything like that yet, I thought it would be a fun one to pick out until she has her own say :)  Afterwards, there were sprinkles all over our house and I pretty much wanted nothing more to do with them for awhile :)
Since her first birthday party was at the house and since I knew there would be a lot of toddlers running around on sugar highs, I knew I wanted the party somewhere else.  The thing about November birthdays though, you never know how the weather will be (at least down here in the South).  But, we decided to have the party at a little playground/park near our house that we go to often.  It was a wee bit chilly outside but the kids seemed to have a blast- so I guess that's all that really matters!
We were so thankful to have family and friends celebrate our sweet girl with us.  We had a great evening and enjoyed some really yummy treats- can't ask for much more than that!!
Here are some pictures of Ella's 2nd birthday party...

sprinkle with love birthday party

Party favors: sprinkle jars and sprinkle cover Oreo's 

Thanks to a sweet friend and her mom for making this amazingly yummy cake

Nana and uncle Cur-coo came

Ella's best friend Tally and her mommy

I will have to remember those sprinkled covered Oreo's were a hit with the kids

Oreo face

Uncle Cur-coo having fun on the playground :)

These two girls love to be around each other

Singing happy birthday to the birthday girl

Our little family

She wanted to hold Uncle Cur-coo's hand.  So sweet :)

Her friends enjoying some treats 

Love these friends and so thankful they came out in the cold to help celebrate with us

Ella and Lenka :)

The birthday girl!!

I love how her "aunties" love her so much- sweetest girls!

And of course, on the morning of her actual birthday, we had to start it off right- sprinkled birthday pancakes made by daddy :))

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

her first day of "school"

I better blog about this before I forget how it all went and then not blog about it at all....

Today was Ella's first day of "school" which really means Mothers Morning Out.  We had been hoping to go the past few Tuesdays but with sickness after sickness, we were never able to make it.  So, today we made it.  We were both finally well enough.  The night before when I was packing her lunch and getting things ready, it started to really sink in that she was actually going for real this time.  I got a little emotional just because this is a first- going to "school" for four hours and in someone else's care and well, she is my baby.  So, I had some mixed feelings the night before although I knew I wanted to go through with it and I knew in my heart that she would do well and have fun meeting new friends and being in a new place with so much to do.  Of course, she goes to the nursery at the gym quite often but this was still different.  I knew it would be weird at first not having her with me as I did my daily morning errands and routine.  

So, morning time comes and when she wakes up we tell her its time to get ready for school.  She acts like she is excited, we do our morning things, get ready and are out the door.  I'm wondering while in the car how she is going to do.  Will she cry when they take her or maybe, just maybe be excited about the new adventure.  We get out of the car and like any crazy mother, I try to get her picture in the parking lot with her book bag of her "first day of school".  She wouldn't have it though, she wanted nothing to do with her book bag.  So, I snapped a few pictures anyway and we went in the building.  As soon as we find her room, the lady comes up to take her and Ella started crying and reaching for me.  As soon as the lady left with her crying, I signed her in.  That's when the few tears came.  I wasn't bad but I was talking to the director of the school and just got a little teary eyed.  I knew I would be emotional but didn't think I would cry in front of anyone.  But anyway, I signed her in, talked to the lady, told her I would call and check on her and then left. I went to the gym.  Called about an hour later and the lady said she was doing great and just as happy as could be.  That sure made this mamma happy to hear!  So, I went home and a friend came over for lunch and then a little later we went to pick her up.  She didn't see me at first when I got to the door and I was watching her just talking away with the nursery worker- telling her something about stickers.  Then she saw me and smiled.  She was a happy girl.  The nursery worker handed her to me and said she had a great first day and fit right in.  She apparently was called "little miss personality" as well.  Doesn't really surprise me though :)  We walked down the hall and she was just jumping and talking and didn't want me to hold her.  I am so glad she had such a good first day.  Definitely made my day a good one too.  I think I am more excited about having my Tuesday mornings free knowing she is having fun and enjoying her "school".  I am already planning my next Tuesday morning...just me, my bible, a decaf coffee drink and a coffee shop.  As long as we all stay well enough!!
Here are a few pictures of her first day:

picture with daddy before school

1.  trying to capture her first day before it started- she didn't want anything to do with her book bag
2. carrying her book bag after school and then giving it to me because it was "too heavy"
3.  daddy wanted a picture of the two of us to show that we both survived the first day- though she didn't really want to sit next to me or want me to put my hand on her
4.  parking lot of school before going in that morning 

1.  walking back to the car after my friend and I picked her up- happy as could be and she wasn't too concerned about me ;)
2.  being silly in the car on the way home

That pretty much sums up our morning.  So thankful she did well and enjoyed her first day!!!  Hoping next week is just as good...