Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{she's three}

How is it that my sweet little baby girl has turned three?!?  I think I ask this with each birthday of hers and I'm pretty sure I will with the rest as well.  Just can't believe it was three years ago when I held her in my arms for the first time and I became a mother.  I can actually remember the emotions quite well.  Shocked that I had just birthed a daughter, excited I had a baby girl, amazed at God's creation, overjoyed that I was finally meeting her and she was in my arms and so very thankful to Him who has allowed me such a privilege as to be her mother.  To care, nurture, train and love her in the ways He sees fit.  I think I could go on and on about all that- becoming a mother for the first time and all the feelings but that can be for another day.  I'm just so grateful for these past three years and look forward to a lifetime of many more with these little ones I love so much; more grateful than I could ever find words for.  It has been with this sweet girl.  We have our moments and I fail often at this motherhood thing but man, I wouldn't trade it.  Nothing could make me happier than being her mom.  Than just being a mom.  These babies that the Lord has entrusted Russ and I with have my heart for sure.  I hope I never stop thanking and praising Him for these more than precious gifts.  Thank you Lord.  You are so good.
And to my sweet Ella,
You are now my three year old little girl.  We use to always call you "baby girl" but you're not so much a baby anymore.  This makes my heart hurt a little bit but I absolutely love watching you grow and flourish into the little girl God designed you to be.  I can already see that you have such a sweet spirit about you and a caring heart.  You love to be around your friends and get so excited to play with them.  You have always loved to be around people.  Just yesterday at your school, when I was dropping you off, one of the school helpers who happened to be in your classroom said to me "She should run for political office one day.  She is such a social butterfly" Ha!  I don't know about the political office stuff but she was right about being social!  Your tell us that your "best friend" in school right now is Clark.  You play with him all the time and always talk about him at home.  And every time I drop you off at school, Clark sees you and yells your name a million times with excitement and you always run right to him.  I hope you two don't cause too much trouble for Ms. Kim.  ;)  You are still taking your ballet and love it.  You have always loved to dance and now you love to sing too.  Lately, along with our bedtime stories and prayers, we have to sing the same worship song to you every night and you sing right along with us.  You don't know all the words yet but I'm sure you will know them soon.  And you love it when daddy does the motions with the song- you do them with him.  Its really cute and I love hearing your little voice sing with us.  I'm trying hard to instill that sweet little sound into my mind so I don't forget.  I never want to forget these sweet simple little moments with you.  Sometimes, its those moments that make the hard days worth it all.  I already know we have such a special bond.  It often makes me think of the bond I have with my own mom.  And there's really nothing that makes me happier than seeing the bond between you and your daddy.  He loves you so so much and it means the world to me to know that you have this love and security in your earthy father.
Sweet girl, we love you more than you'll ever know and feel so blessed for the privilege we have in being your parents.  Its a hard and messy thing at times but there is nothing more beautiful.  And we wouldn't trade a second for it.  Although its hard to watch your little ones grow up so fast, I look forward to watching you as you become all that God has you to be.  And, you may not be a baby anymore but there is no doubt, you will always be my baby girl.
Love you so much, mama

**and, i was just going to post one picture.  but i couldn't stop.  i love how so many of these show some of her personality (photo credit to my friend, meghann williams)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

halloween shenanigans

So, fall is always a favorite around here.  This one was crazy busy but a lot of fun.  Like always, I wait until the last minute to think of what we will dress up as.  With some help of a friend, I decided we would be farmers (Russ and I) and the kids would be farm animals- a chicken and a cow.  Pretty simple.  I wanted to make the outfits but only got around to making the cow one for Ella.  By the time I would have bought everything for the chicken costume, it would have cost more than or just the same as just purchasing one.  Time is money around here and with all the craziness right now, I'll take more time than money any day.  Anyway, we bought the chicken costume for Isaac and Russ was half-way a farmer and I just got lazy and only wore a flannel shirt.  

We did a few activities before Halloween.  We did our annual pumpkin carving at the house.  Somehow, Russ is always the one to carve the pumpkins ;)

she would sing the "happy birthday" song while blowing out the candle...Russ had to light the candle over and over again

Ella also had her school costume parade this year.  She really didn't understand too much of what was going on but nonetheless, had a fun day at school...

her best friend at school.  she talks about him all the time. her daddy's not sure what to think of it

after the parade (iphone pic)

We had a church festival too...

this wasn't going to happen....

Then came Halloween night.  We did the same thing as last year...Christ Community widows home (where Russ works) hosts a trunk or treat in their parking lot which for us, is just about a block away.  So, we can just walk there.  It's a ton of fun.  Ella was definitely more excited about the candy this year :/  

love this family- the fast food clan (aka the Phomms)

Isaac and his little buddies

Some from last Halloween's trunk or treat...

little cowgirl

first pigtails 

cowboy and his cowgirls

And just because...these two best of friends just being silly and goofy

steeds dairy- a yearly tradition

For the past three years (ever since we had a little one), we have made it out to Steeds Dairy Farm.  We went last year but it was the only year we weren't able to make it with our good friends.  This year we made it a point to do so with them just like the first year.  The girls have so much fun while their moms get a little camera happy ;)  Isaac was just chill in his stroller most of the time.  I love that we do this yearly...we always look forward to it.  

and just a few from Steeds last year since I never documented it...