Monday, July 2, 2012

the things she says...

this little girl is cracking me up...all the time!! 

she is so funny and catches on to things so fast.  it's amazing how smart toddlers really are.  obviously, i don't take her monthly picture anymore, but she is 19 months and i wish i did better at documenting all that she says and does.

she is saying so many words now i can't keep up.   just so i can have it recorded, here are some of her little words that i'm lovin:
cur-coo (for uncle curtis and my fav word she is currently saying), diaper, pa-paw, side (for outside), horsey, tal (for her bff, tally), ella (she says her own name now and it's so cute), animals, frog, apple, and pool.  these are just some of the words she says but she says these often and how she says them is so cute.

a few things she is passionate about lately:
dancing (this girl has always loved to dance), her shoes and going outside.  she loves to be outside.  teddy (still her number 1), crackers and oranges, her paci, and being around others (she is quite the little show-off)

song she is singing: "where oh where oh where is ella"  this is a song her granny sings to her when she goes to the farm to visit.  i had never heard it before but she loves this song and can sing the first part of it and loves to dance to it.

her favorite buddy these days:
aunt staci.  while russ was in peru, my sister came for a few days and her and ella were attached at the hip.  they had to go everywhere together and aunt staci had to constantly be playing and paying all her attention to her. :)

my sweet girl, you are so much fun and such a smart girl already!!!  your family loves you so!