Friday, February 24, 2012

insta- pics

its's friday and i am glad!  thankfully, baby girl just slept through a massive hail storm so i'm hoping i can get some rest too!  but first, just wanted to post some instagram pics from the past few weeks.  instagram is kind of additive.  i feel like i hardly ever use my camera anymore but at this point, it is hard to get any good pictures of baby girl at least because she is sooo busy.  so, here are some random things lately...

1.  baby girl bath time
2.  peanut butter chocolate bars (recipe from pinterest)
3.  baby girl and teddy snuggles (ugh...that paci again)!!
4.  bike ride on a nice winter day
5.  baby girl/daddy/all teddy bears in the house 
6.  baby girl and teddy bike ride again
7.  yummy "green" shake  
8.  valentine banner (idea from pinterest)
9.  surprise valentine chocolates that made me happy
10.  Christ Community chili cook-off
11.  me and my nakey girl :)
12.  baby girl headbands i finally got around to making (tutorial from pinterest)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

valentines {2012}

We had a fun little Valentine's Day this year.  Started off with a little surprise breakfast for us girls since Russ had a meeting at the hospital extra early.  Ella was the first in the kitchen and when she started fussing and wouldn't stop, I walked in and she was standing next to her food, ready to eat her breakfast that was waiting for her.  It was a sweet surprise....

{you should see this girl eat some blueberries}!!

ella eating her Valentine's breakfast (and being silly):

(not the best pictures and not the best lighting)

We went to a little vday party at a friend's house later on, which gave me a good excuse to dress Ella up in something cute :)

and just because, I was looking back at her first Valentine's and had to compare.  I can't believe how much she has grown.  Now, if we could just work on that hair....

Valentine's 2011 and Valentine's 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

monkey girl

I was looking back at some pictures from just after Christmas (which reminded me, I never posted any Christmas pictures) and found some funny ones of baby girl acting like a lil monkey...nothing unusual. :)
They sure make me smile and not to mention, show so much of her personality....

and going along with the monkey theme, this is how we found her one day after her nap:

oh, how I love my little monkey girl!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

pure sweetness

I love being a mom.  There are so many little things to find joy in each day as I am home with my little one.  I remind myself of this look for the little moments, the simple pleasures of raising a child and not take any of this privilege for granted.  Not that it's hard for me to find the joyous times; I just want to soak in all the sweet moments I have with her and all the ways she brings joy into my life.  Of course, not every day is picture perfect, there are hard days.  There are weary days.  But I love this role of being a mother to my sweet girl and I love watching her learn and grow each day before my very eyes.  It sure goes fast.
She is almost 15 months and pulling out all kinds of little tricks.  She is also doing sweet little things that just melt me..sweetness that I don't want to forget. What she's doing at fourteen months and what I'm just loving: the sweet sound of her little feet pitter pattering around all over the house (and the girl's all over the place), the way she LOVES for us to chase her around the house and "get her".  She even moves her hands around in excitement like she is tickling herself and gets ready for us to run after her while we say "get you".  One of my favorite things is the way she is now giving kisses.  She used to give them but it was pretty rare although she would blow kisses a lot.  Now, when I ask for a kiss or her daddy does (not all the time but a lot), she will lean her face in close with a little smile and want me to kiss her...either right on the lips or the nose, or she'll open her mouth for an open-mouth kiss.  Usually a drooly kiss, but I'll take it.  I love how she cuddles me at night before I put her to bed.  It's such a sweet time to just hold her tight.  The way she loves loves loves her teddy that grandma brought for her.  She is completely attached to teddy bear and has been able to say "teddy" for awhile now.  She gets so happy to see him.  I love how she reaches up for me when she needs me or just wants me to hold her and I love how she will squeeze my leg and hold on to it.  I love her babbling...she could just talk about who knows what all day long.  And lastly, I love taking her little hand in mine and how she will just walk around with me...hand in hand.

It's moments like these that I want to soak up and always cherish.  I know there will come a time when she won't want me to hold her, or take her by the hand and guide her, or kiss her again and again.  So, I'll take little moments like these and hold them close to my heart.  Always.

*all pictures by Anna Leigh Photography