Thursday, January 26, 2012

random happenings...

catching up in pictures.
from the phone of course...

ella's friend (best friend) :) came over the other night.  they had tons of fun together

we went to the asheville area for the medical campus outreach retreat the other weekend.  we were without our little one but enjoyed our time together and with others.  it was kind of a whirlwind weekend as most retreats are..constantly doing something but it was good.  we really enjoyed the speaker and the topic of "engaging brokenness".  kind of hit home with me and really got me thinking.  i hope it will continue to stir my heart and challenge me in new ways.  in new ways that won't be held back by fear. 
anyway,  i was kind of hoping for snow, like a lot of snow since we were going to be freezing anyway.  we only got a little "dusting" of it though during the night.  and, i didn't bring my camera so i only have these few pics from the good ole iphone...

i love these girls.  they are sweet and have such servant hearts.
and lastly, pop, granny and my mother-in-law came for a visit last weekend.   russ' grandparents are just the sweetest. this was their first visit since we have moved back and we are very thankful they could make the trip and enjoy their time while here.  ella sure did enjoy their company as well.
(please excuse the red eye and blurriness in some of the pics..wish i had taken some with my nice camera).

we even managed a dinner out with baby girl.  she did so good at the restaurant. 

lovin on her favorite teddy and granny

special memories with granny and pop!

Monday, January 9, 2012

my happy

 my little family makes me the happiest.  no, its not perfect and there are hard times but i'm so glad i get to go through this life with them.  i wouldn't want it any other way.  we are learning so much together, going through the ups and downs together and growing our faith together.  thank goodness this is nothing we do on our own. 

  thanking God for the little things in life that make me going to the park and enjoying the day with my two favorite people.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

start of 2012 in pics

russ got the new iphone4 for christmas and it's pretty awesome.  this is a big deal for him seeing that he has been attached to his 1980's flip phone for a long time.  but, he finally caved and got a smart phone.  if it wasn't for the clinic helping to pay for it, he would still have the good ole' flip phone i'm convinced.  i think you could say i'm slightly obsessed with its camera and all the neat little tricks it can need for a DSLR :))...
baby girl is one busy toddler making it harder and harder to get any decent pictures of her so having the iphone camera around is a little more convenient for capturing some of her cuteness and craziness.  anyway, here are some random photo's to kick off the new year...from baby loving to a date night.

here's hoping 2012 slows it down a little...can't take this growing up so fast!