Thursday, September 13, 2012

remember when...

remember when she looked like this:

with no hair and she really couldn't wear any bows.......

well, look who is now sportin her new little "pon-ty"

yep, we have a little ponytail {or pon-ty} going on and she loves it.  if she has a ponytail then she always wants a bow to go with it.  sometimes i can't get over how different she looks with her hair and even with a ponytail.  she looks so much like a little girl and not like a baby anymore...a little bittersweet.  
needless to say, i was pretty excited about her first pony and took quite a few pictures to document well :)  i know she will like to look back at these one day...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{21 months}

{21 months}
she is getting too big too fast...

here are some things i want to remember at 21 months {via instagram}:
1.  how she still loves her car nana got her almost a year ago.  she can drive that thing like a little race car :)
2.  how much she is starting to look like a little girl and how much she currently loves her rain jacket and will ask to have it on while just playing in the house
3.  how she loves stickers and usually puts one on her forehead and is very content with leaving it there for awhile
4.  how she loves to talk real loud on her phone.  she will just talk and talk about who knows what...

1.  how she loves to be around her bestie.  they have so much fun together!
2.  how she always makes mommy or daddy chase her when needing to change a stinky.  she will sometimes try to run and "hide" {this picture was actually when she was 19 months...we have been paci-free since june and she was a champ letting it go}
3.  how she will say "tee-tee" and just sit on her new potty {as far as we have gotten with the whole potty training thing...although we aren't pushing it too much right now}
4.  how she loves to go on walks and collect sticks {and leafs and whatever else}.  lately, she is more into walking than riding in the stroller...which i get, she is a toddler now.

1.  how she loves her big girl seat.  she has been in this for about 2 months...good for short little rides but not so much for the long haul :(
2.  how she loves mexican food {for the most part} and sitting next to her daddy at restaurants.  
3.  how she loves the water...she is part fish ;)
4.  how she loves to go "grocery shopping"

1.  how she adores her daddy.  their bond is so special and it makes me happy
2.  how she loves to go to the park.  we go often and she loves to walk all around and play in the dirt :(
3.  how she crosses her little feet and of course teddy is still around :)
4.  how she loves to play with her friends and be around them

1.  how she loves her bedtime stories and always ask to read from her bible.  this is one of the few times she will just sit still and listen through all the stories!!
2.  how she loves all her aunties {she is holding a picture of one of her aunties and saying her name over and over}...she has a lot of aunties that sure do love her well.  we are so thankful for all of them :)  she is good at remembering names; so now if we can just get some of the names with the faces...
3.  how she is big enough to be on her "big girl bike".  she actually doesn't pay much attention to it but maybe soon she will
4.  how she is into absolutely everything.  she especially loves this kitchen pantry as of lately and many times i have found sprinkles all over the floor 

1.  how she is looking a lot like her daddy these days {and she had fun celebrating her daddy's birthday}
2.  how she loves to clap and dance and jump...seems like she is always jumping ;)  she is making her daddy proud and becoming quite the little cheerleader for his favorite team!
3.  how she is a little diva...always concerned about her shoes and loving her shades too.  when we go into a store to try new shoes on, she instantly and very excitedly throws the shoes she has on off and doesn't want to take the "new" shoes off {whether we are getting them or not}
4.  how she is always asking to play under the "dent" {aka mommy or daddy holding up the blanket to somewhat resemble a tent and everyone getting under}

other things i want to remember:
she loves her clothes and is starting to get particular about what shirt and "pants" we put on her.  she has to have them on at all times {no more walking around in just a diaper}.  sometimes she will put layers of clothes on.  
now that she has more hair ;) she loves her bows and for some reason calls them "flowers".  her hair is now just long enough to put in a little ponytail and she loves her "pon-ty".  if she has a "pon-ty" , then she has to have a bow too.  
foods she loves:  spinach {this girl will eat plain spinach like crazy!  we are lovin' it and definitely makes up for lack of other green veggies she doesn't like}.  she also loves oranges, beans, turkey, crackers, apples, yogurt, butter noodles, mac and cheese, raisins, pretzels, and cheese.  she also loves her milk still.  a new favorite is ice-cream.  
she is starting to count.  she says 2..5..6 and then claps and yells "yeah" really loud.  so funny!  she knows her colors pretty well.  when asked what color something is, she will usually say "purple" but i think she is getting a little better at that :)  she also knows a lot of her animals and the sounds they make.  i am always amazed at how well she remembers things...even if only said once or twice.  
i think we are already experiencing some "terrible twos" as they say.  she is real good at saying no and does it often.  too often. 
she loves going to the gym nursery and plays well with other kids.  she also loves to be outside.  we usually have to get out every morning whether to the gym, park or grocery store.  
she is also doing this new thing where she will put her fingers in her ears and then start whispering.  kind-of funny!
she is so loud at home and loves to talk, never sits still and constantly has me on my toes.  i love watching her personality and silly ways and so thankful she is a healthy growing girl!! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

the things she says...

this little girl is cracking me up...all the time!! 

she is so funny and catches on to things so fast.  it's amazing how smart toddlers really are.  obviously, i don't take her monthly picture anymore, but she is 19 months and i wish i did better at documenting all that she says and does.

she is saying so many words now i can't keep up.   just so i can have it recorded, here are some of her little words that i'm lovin:
cur-coo (for uncle curtis and my fav word she is currently saying), diaper, pa-paw, side (for outside), horsey, tal (for her bff, tally), ella (she says her own name now and it's so cute), animals, frog, apple, and pool.  these are just some of the words she says but she says these often and how she says them is so cute.

a few things she is passionate about lately:
dancing (this girl has always loved to dance), her shoes and going outside.  she loves to be outside.  teddy (still her number 1), crackers and oranges, her paci, and being around others (she is quite the little show-off)

song she is singing: "where oh where oh where is ella"  this is a song her granny sings to her when she goes to the farm to visit.  i had never heard it before but she loves this song and can sing the first part of it and loves to dance to it.

her favorite buddy these days:
aunt staci.  while russ was in peru, my sister came for a few days and her and ella were attached at the hip.  they had to go everywhere together and aunt staci had to constantly be playing and paying all her attention to her. :)

my sweet girl, you are so much fun and such a smart girl already!!!  your family loves you so!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

st. john {instagram pics}

The hubs and I were planning on taking a trip somewhere for our five year anniversary.  But, when five years rolled around (last August), we couldn't get it together to really plan anything.  Baby girl was still only nine months old and we had other trips going on too.  So, this spring we finally planned a trip (well, Russ did most of the planning) to St. John which is where we went on our honeymoon and loved it.  We went back in May and had a really great time.  This was our first "real" vacation by ourselves since baby girl was born.  We have been on a few retreats and conferences without her but that's definitely not the same :)
I hope to do another post with pictures from my good camera but for now, I'm too lazy to go through all those so instagram pics will have to do.  

on the ferry boat from st. martin to st. john

finally in st. john

one spot where we did some snorkeling  

watching the sunset over dinner

one of my favorite pictures

trunk bay...popular spot on the island for pictures

on the ferry boat leaving st. john :(
Hope to share more pictures and stories soon!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

father's day

This Father's Day was not much different than last year's.  Just like last year, daddy was out of the country (well, this year on his way out of the country) to participate in another medical mission trip.  He is hopefully now safely in Cusco, Peru as I type this resting up from a full day and night of traveling.  The team left early yesterday (Father's Day) morning to begin the over 24 hours of travel.

Maybe if it was for any other reason, I would feel differently.  But, I know it is for all the right reasons.  I know he is simply being obedient to God's calling for his life, which continues to include short term medical missions.  I am so thankful for his servants heart to go even when at times, it can be bittersweet for him to leave.  This is only his "second" Father's Day and both times, he has been away from his little girl.  I could sense his sadness before he left but I know he knows this is what God would have for him.

Not that Father's Day is the only day or reason to celebrate such an amazing daddy.  I know I am continually reminded of how blessed I am for him and that he is my little girl's earthy father who loves her so very much. At times, I can definitely forget all my blessings and can easily throw myself a pity party (more often than I would like to admit) but I am also quickly reminded of all He has provided and that includes such a loving husband, father and friend whose first desire is to love and serve the Lord.

So, as Russ and the team are miles and oceans apart, I will continue to reflect on God's goodness.  This Father's Day, I celebrated with a thankful heart.  I pray I can have this thankful heart not just on Father's Day, but everyday.

May the God of peace...equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever.  Hebrews 13:20-21

Thursday, June 14, 2012

pool day

One of the first things we did when Ella got her cast off (now 3 weeks ago) was get out the baby pool in our backyard for some pool/water time.  She loved her little pool last year so we were eager to let her play in it this summer.  Of course, she loved it.  She only wanted to stand up and play for awhile and then finally decided it was time to sit and play and splash.  It's funny to look back at last year's post and compare to now...all those cute little curls finally coming in.  Man, she sure was a bald little baby :))

Friday, May 25, 2012

like a champ

Yesterday was a good day and made for some happy parents.  Ella got her cast off and her arm is healing as it should!  She was a little confused about the whole process and then didn't know what to do with her arm again but she is starting to use it just like before.  She did good when they cut the cast off; no fussing or moving or anything.  We are thankful to be cast-free and hopefully over all this for the most part.  Just two more follow ups with ortho.
So, what better way to celebrate then taking her to the park and letting her run of her most favorite things to do.  And, of course I had to attempt some pictures of it all.  It's nice to have pictures of your cute one without an ugly cast included :)  Although she wore it like a champ, we sure are happy to see it go!

excited over seeing a "ball"

silly face

we have learned we have to pull out a lot of "tricks" to get her to smile and look at the camera :)

then for all the rest of the pictures, she preferred playing with her tongue...

then we realized daddy put her shoes on the wrong feet...oops

and then off she goes again...

then we did a lot of clapping

and a few more of the silly girl...she knows i'm trying to take a picture of her so she does this...