Thursday, October 27, 2011

eleven months

can't believe i only have one more "monthly" sticker for baby girl.  that makes me pretty sad to think about.  the fact that next month, she will be ONE!!  what?!?  where did the time go??  i find myself thinking back a lot to the past year...the memories, the challenges, the sleepless nights, the milestones and some of the sweetest moments i have ever come to know...just in the past year.  it's been an amazing journey, this parenthood thing, and i wouldn't trade one single thing about it!  i could go on and on, but i think i'll just wait till that time comes since i know i will be a bit emotional anyway.

so, eleven months she is!  she is doing all kinds of tricks...walking, talking about who knows what, getting at least one molar in (i knew something was wrong with her when she was fussy/cranky for one week straight) and my favorite new thing she is doing- pointing at things and saying "dis" like she is trying to say "this."  the girl loves to walk...she will walk all around the house like she is doing laps or something.  i call her "little bit" now along with  all the other nicknames she has because she has gotten taller and thinned out some.

the other day, we went to get a pumpkin so we decided to take her monthly picture there.  well, we attempted but she was not gonna have it.  she basically fussed the whole time we were there, not acting like herself.  she usually loves to smile for the camera and even grandma and grandpa were there to help...didn't matter.  so, we snapped a few(well, we did get a smile or two), got our pumpkin and got outta there.  turns out, it was the beginning of a nasty little cold.  sorry lil bit, for making you sit with all those pumpkins so i could get some pictures :(

that's a lot of pictures of basically the same but oh well.  happy pumpkin carving!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

fun on the farm

we took ella to her first "pumpkin patch" the other weekend.  it really is a dairy farm about 20 minutes from where we live.  our sweet friends went too and their daughter and ella just happen to be best friends (at least that's what we like to think).  they do love to "talk" and play together.
we had a really good time before the rain started our way.  we were able to do/see everything just in time.  the girls were so cute standing by the pony, playing with the pumpkins, and seeing all the different animals.  we went through the corn maze thinking it would be a piece of cake to get through.  yea right...i think we were in there for close to an hour trying to find our way out.  tricky it was.  good thing we made it through though before the rain came!  there was also this big blow up trampoline huge thing that us "big girls" just couldn't resist.  it was so much fun.  it rained on us but we didn't care...we hardly even noticed until our husbands started running back to the cars with the little ones.  it was fun times and made for some sweet memories!

a special day

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.  For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.   Psalms 100: 4-5

My baby girl was baptized in August (August 28th to be exact, yea I know).    At this point I didn't think I would blog about it but then I thought it was too much of a special day not to.  It was special for many reasons.  This day reminded me of His promises and those to His precious covenant children.  We faithfully pray that she will come to know Jesus at a very young age and cling to the truth of what was done on the cross for us all. By making this visible pledge before the church of His faithfulness, we devote this child of the covenant to Him.  I always love how our pastor speaks on the biblical meanings of infant baptism.
 I am so glad that our families were able to join us and celebrate with us.  Ella wore her very special baptism gown which my dad and I were both baptized in.  It just barely fit around her arms :)    How I wish my dad could have been there to see her.  Because she was 9 months when we did baptize her, I was worried that she might cry or get upset when the elder or our pastor took her before the church but she did great.  No crying, she only fussed for a few seconds when the elder took her but as he was walking her down the aisle, she was checking everyone out and did some clapping and smiling. She was a cutie.  After church, we came to the house and had a little celebration.  Nothing like food, family and friends!  Although Ella was much too tired from all the excitement so she slept through the whole thing.  Here are some pictures of her sweet day...

sitting with aunt staci before the service

checking out all the people

she LOVES her sweet friends (aunties) 

uncle curty and aunt staci