Wednesday, September 28, 2011

summer catch up: round 2

catching up from the summer...
we went to New Jersey in early August.  why there? that is where a lot of my mom's side of the family lives.  we try to go once a year but didn't make it last year since we were expecting around the time everyone wanted to get together.  it's not bad though considering my aunt and uncle live about 10 minutes from the shore.  anyways, i was looking over the photo's and realized i really didn't take that many.  the excitement  about our trip was going deep sea fishing so that's most of the pictures.  it was a short trip and we drove.  yep, we drove..with a nine month old.  it was fun times.  here are some pics of our trip...

we did some swimming:

sadly, this is the only picture i have of her playing with her cousins

our deep sea fishing adventure:

my sister catching her first fish

his first fish

catching my winter flounder fish

my cousin and russ

the crew and the fish we caught

we took them home and cooked them for dinner!

our boat

Monday, September 26, 2011

ten months

her ten month birthday day kind of came and went without me realizing it.  i had some of my days mixed up.  so, a few days ago we decided to go to the park and let her walk around (in her new little walking shoes) but she is funny.  she doesn't know what to think of the grass.  we put her down and she just sits there and will study and look at it but won't move.  i guess that is one way to keep her put and not have to chase her around. :)  and getting her monthly sticker picture is no easy task.  she loves to pick and pull at the thing and try to get it off.  but, we managed to get some.

studying this grass stuff
what she is doing at ten months:  she is starting to walk some (she can take about 10 steps by herself before falling to a crawl position), her favorite word is by far "dada", we have been trying table foods but she is being a little picky and usually will just play with them and then throw it on the ground, she still loves to wave and says "bye-bye" a lot, her new word she has starting saying is "hi."  she says it so cute though in a soft, drawn out voice with a big smile.  she loves to dance.  anytime she hears music she will start moving up and down and sometimes move her head side to side.  i have to say, this has been my favorite stage so far, around 9 and   10 months.  she is so fun and starting to understand things better.  she is a little gem and i am so thankful i get to spend every day with her.  that i get to watch her grow and do new things day in and day out is such a blessing.  i am forever grateful to the One who has allowed me this privilege to be her mommy!

Friday, September 23, 2011

for the love of a vacuum cleaner

she is passionate about many things at such a young age and a vacuum cleaner is just one of them...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

summer photo catch-up

i realized i never blogged about either of our summer vacations so i'll just tie them both together in one.  in july, we went to harbor island (right near hilton head) with russ' family.  it was the first time baby girl got to experience the ocean (we went in march to hilton head but it was too cold to get in the water).

 not really sure what she thought of it...

there she is out in the ocean in her floatie

a lot of playing with daddy

the water wasn't crystal clear, but it was still pretty

we saw some wildlife:

did some bike riding (in the heat of the day for some unknown reason)

woke up really early one morning and watched the sunrise with my mother-in-law

and enjoyed some family time

well, i lied...this post took too long and now the babe is up so gotta run.  will post more summer pics later!

Monday, September 19, 2011

she is my little helper

if she wasn't so stinkin cute, i would might put her in her jumpy or exer-saucer or wish daddy was home to entertain her.  but, every time i look down at my feet while cooking and see her right under them or feel her little fingers tugging on my pants and following my every move, my heart tugs a little bit and i can't help but smile and enjoy times like these.  it won't always be this way... where she wants to be with me constantly, right under my feet.  so, i will take it while i can.

and just cause, here she is trying hard to get her shoes off and looking too much like a big girl..

oh, and she is her daddy's little helper too, of course..

love this little stinker with every ounce of my being.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

getting sooo close...

baby girl is a little walking talking machine.  well, not really but she is definitely getting close.  russ will hold her hands and off they will go.  i was finally able to get a half decent video of them.  she also loves to wave and clap her hands randomly.  however, she is getting better with the waving.  whenever we say "bye bye," she will wave and sometimes say "bye".  not sure how i feel about all this big girl stuff going on but either way, she is always entertaining us and i always look forward to her new developments.  here is a little video (arghhh, i hate my voice on it but whatev).


Friday, September 2, 2011

she is ready...

yep, baby girl is all ready to cheer on those bulldogs this weekend.  she will be cheering at nana's house while russ and i go to the game in atlanta.  we are excited about some football and really excited about having our little cheerleader!  i have to admit, it is a lot of fun dressing her up in all the bulldog cuteness they have for the little ones.  with baby girl, since we didn't find out what we were having when i was pregnant, i had to get her a little dress this season.  and the good thing about it, this is the ONE dress russ was completely happy about purchasing.  no questions were asked (well except for how much) and i only had to ask him once if i could get it for her.  he replied with an instant "sure" and then "how much".  i told him and no other questions asked.  he even was maybe a little excited about the cute little dress even if it was only because it was red and black.  now, if only purchasing clothes for baby girl were this easy all the time :)).  
anyway, win or lose, you gotta love being a georgia bulldog!
this girl loves to do some clapping