Wednesday, August 31, 2011

five years and nine months

so much going on right now and so much going through my mind.  the end of summer has been a whirlwind it seems.  and already, the countdown is on and the husband (and i) are getting very excited about some college football.  only 3 more days...then its game time.  baby girl is getting ready.  although, she don't know what's about to come of her daddy!
anyway, russ and i celebrated five years together last week.  i thought we were just going to pick up some steaks and grill at home since we didn't really plan ahead and find a babysitter.  russ came home a little late from work and i was sorta in a grumpy mood but he was excited.  he told me to hurry and get ready; that a babysitter was coming at 6:30 and we were going out to dinner.  he wouldn't tell me who or where but i didn't hesitate.  i got ready, our sweet friends came over to watch baby girl and off we went to one of our favorite restaurant in town.  it was a great night to spend with the one i love the most :)
five years ago:

and five years later, here we are on our anniversary:

also, baby girl is getting so big and turned 9 months a few weeks ago.  she is so funny.  what she is loving at 9 months: clapping, waving bye-bye, saying dada and sometimes she can say mama.  she can also say bye bye sometimes.  she loves to giggle, put anything she possibly can into her mouth, crawling, standing on her own, jumping, and just "babbling."  she knows what "puffs", "no", "come on", "dolly" and "bye" means.  she loves to drink water and only water out of her sippie.  she has another tooth coming in, making that 7 total.
here are some pictures at 9 months...

Monday, August 8, 2011

summer snippets

summer has been flying by.  in a way, i am so ready for fall yet, i am so not ready for the end of fall when baby girl will turn one.  don't really want to think about that.  we have been so busy and i feel like for the past month, we have been out of town every weekend.  which we have.  i really have 1,000 other things i need to be doing because we are about to go out of town again but i just wanted to post some summer pictures before i forget for journaling purposes.  oh, and today is a really good day because it is russ' last day as a hospitalist!  he will be full time at the clinic now.  no more juggling two jobs.  for that, we will have to celebrate tonight!  anyway, here is some of our summer in photo's....

we have been enjoying our fresh blueberries from the farm

we had fun on the 4th.  these are the only pics i took.  none of the fireworks.  i made some of these dresses for baby girl (with my mom's help) and this is what baby girl thought of it...  
she had enough of it. don't think i'll be using this pattern again
july supper club with some fab friends!
widow's home dedication...brought the wrong lens so didn't take many good pics
beach trip with the whole ayers' family
more pics later
and just girl cheesing it up for the camera.  could eat her and her squishy face up!
and of course, a lot of pool days
 wish i had taken more pictures of some other things we've done but that's it for now.