Friday, June 24, 2011

father's day

As I'm sitting here thinking of this past father's day, I remember last years so clearly.  Russ and I were lying on the bed at his parent's house.  Russ had his hand on my belly talking to the baby.  I was about 18 or so weeks along then.   I had my hand on top of his and for the first time, we felt our baby kick.  It was a big kick.  There was no mistaken what it was and we both just looked at each other smiling.  I guess we had been kind of waiting for that "first kick."  The first movement that we could feel from the baby.  And when it happened,  Russ was so happy...just to feel his baby for the first time.  It was special to us and that moment is forever engraved in my heart.  Yes, I realize that that's what babies do in the belly and a lot of people will and have experienced the same.  But, it was the look and joy that came from my husband...on father's day nonetheless. 

It's the little things like this that always brings me back to the gratitude and thankfulness I have for my husband.  It's the simple things that make me realize how blessed I truly am that God has put Russ in my a husband, father, leader and friend.  I know I don't deserve someone like him.  But, I know God is good and He blesses His children.  He also knows what He is doing...for someone with such little patience, Russ has all the patience in the world and puts up with me with a whole lotta love :)
There is so much I love about Russ and every quality I prayed for in a husband and father, he has.

This father's day was bittersweet for me.  Russ had the opportunity to serve with medical campus outreach to the people in the Amazon.  Medical missions is and has been a big part of our lives and we both felt this trip was nothing to pass up.  Although we were not together to celebrate his first father's day, I am happy and content with what he is doing.
So, I had to think of something special to do for him.  I knew he was leaving with mixed emotions; excited about what the Lord would do in the Amazon but sad about missing his baby girl (and maybe me) :)  I decided I would take some pictures for him to open on father's day with his cards.  Simple and sweet.  I definitely broke out in a sweat attempting these pictures.  Ella had no clue what was going on but she was completely taken with the 1000 flashes that would go off since for some reason the camera would take five or so pictures in a row.  But, it got her attention.  So, on father's day, packed away in his luggage, he opened his father day cards.  And, in baby girl's, he had a little surprise...

Russ was able to call on father's day after he opened his cards.  It was good to talk to him even through the bad connection...we will take what we can get.  We are excited to see him...only 1 1/2 more days!

Friday, June 10, 2011

a taste of summer...

    this little fish was living the life the other day

her first day in her new  pool and she was having a blast!  the water was a little cold but she didn't seem to mind.  the days here have been so hot so we're excited to have this little pool on our back deck...nothing like a baby pool to help cool you off.  she probably would have stayed in there all day she was enjoying it so.  i definitely think she will have fun at the beach...

 here's to the start of a fun, crazy summer!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

already looking back...

ahhhh...times flies!!!!  i really wish it would just slow down some.  just thinking that my baby girl will soon be 7 months brings on a little sadness.  i knew the time would go quickly but i didn't think i would want to stop it this bad.  i was thinking back to her newborn days...they were certainly bittersweet for me.  much of those days seemed like a blur and i feel as though i don't remember a lot of that time.  like, when she was so so tiny and couldn't hold her head up or when we had to keep her little fingers covered all the time because she would always scratch her face.  or the nights where we tried everything but only ended up swaddling her right up close to her daddy in the bed where she would sleep tight, not moving a muscle and i would find myself checking on her throughout the night to make sure russ hadn't rolled on top of her.  he wouldn't move though.  he was so good about that.  but, there are certainly moments i do remember that i want to never forget.  i want to hold on to those times when she would nurse and just lay there, not distracted or looking around wanting to play but would just nurse and usually fall asleep.  that was our sweet bonding time and i knew then to soak it up as much as i could...i knew these days would not last forever.  that was my sweet time of cuddling and snuggling my tiny little one.  she would nurse and  then i would hold her up on my shoulder to burp her and just listen to her sweet little breaths and newborn noises she would make.  that time still pulls on my heart.  and i remember those sleepless nights that all russ knew was to hold his little girl tight, walk her around and around singing her to sleep. he would sing her to sleep so many nights and if you could only hear the "lullabies" he would sing to her.  needless to say, at times he was desperate.  oh how he loves that little girl of his.  its such a deep, real love and i never doubted he had it in him.  that time created instant bonding between the two.  it has been one of the sweetest things i have ever seen.  those two together.  i know i have an amazing husband.  i can see it through his love for our daughter and i can't begin to tell you how much that means to me.
but, there was a lot of adjusting going on as well.  in her first two months, she would hardly sleep.  she definitely had her days and nights confused and even some nights that she didn't sleep, the days would be sleepless as well.  we had a hard time at first getting her on a schedule and then realized it would be impossible until she was sleeping through the night.  and then, around two months it happened.  she slept through the night and we woke up checking the clock over and over and running to her room to make sure everything was okay.  sure enough though,  she did it!  we felt like brand new parents that could conquer the world.
well, i guess you would think my baby is turning a year...just got a little sentimental.
anyway, as much as growing up too fast makes me sad, she continues to bring us more joy each day and more love in our hearts than we thought possible.  her little personality is coming out in such a big way and she does so many funny things.  she is sitting up on her own and scooting around.  i think in no time she will be crawling.  she is eating baby food and loving it.  we're still working on "mama" and "dada" and she is still busy as ever!  six months has been another fun stage.  on her six month birthday we had to celebrate.  so, what better way than taking pictures of course!  so here we go...six month pictures (and then some)


and these are a few from 5 months i didn't get around to posting...

and just one more from mother's day.  it was certainly a special day for me.