Thursday, March 24, 2011

first vacation and 4 months

so we went on our first little vaca as a family of three. russ thought it was time for some downtime and i agreed (you know, me and the babe needed to get out of the house for awhile)! we decided to go to hilton head, one of our favorite places to vacation. it was still a little cool out and the water was definitely too cold but the weather was still great...nice and sunny. baby girl did so good the whole time: the car ride, the pool side, our forever long "photo shoot" and sleeping at night. i feel another vacation coming on reallll soon :))
hope you enjoy ALL the pictures (you know i can't help myself)

baby girl also turned 4 months while at the beach so of course i had to get a picture (or two)...

she had her 4 month check up a few days ago:
weight: 14lbs 2ozs (50%)
length: 24 in (30%)
head: 16 in (70%)

she is such a joy and it just gets better each day. her new favorite thing to do is get her toes and try to put them to her mouth when lying on her back...cutest thing. she also has the sweetest little giggle that she does more and more. still loves her changing table and has her favorite little "bunny". she loves her stroller and going on walks and runs a lot with her daddy. she is still sleeping through the night, going to bed around 10:30, waking up around 6 to 7 to eat and then back to sleep until around 11! she loves her baths and loves to be around people and just watch what's going on....she is one busy busy baby for sure! ella girl, you are so precious to us and we love you so much!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

pretty in purple

its all about the tutu in these pics...just couldn't resist the babe in it...and yes, i got carried away again with taking 1000 pictures of the same. but, don't can tell in the last picture, she is having fun!!:))

and, looks like someone is getting excited about summertime...trying on her shades already just to make sure they fit good...such a diva she is :)

and, just to mix things up a little on this blog....
there are only 25 more days until the cooper river bridge run and i'm a little nervous. this is and has been my post-pregnancy goal and i have been training but running is not my most favorite thing to do. i'm getting better though and actually enjoying it more. so, we'll see. at least we have an excuse to go to Charleston!!!