Friday, February 18, 2011

three months

baby girl is three months today!!!! what a sweetie she is! she is getting so big and is constantly changing (but that's what babies do)! she is now sleeping through the night although she still goes down pretty late and will nap most of the morning. i had forgotten how nice it was to get a full night's sleep!! she LOVES to lick everything and anything she can get to, especially her little hands and she also loves to look and follow her hands. she is cooing and squealing like crazy and still loves her changing pad! she is really good at rolling from her tummy to back and loves to have your attention at all times! :) i love her oh so chubby cheeks and little chubby thighs, her beautiful big blue (for now) eyes and her smile completely melts me....

here are a few pics because you know i can't just pick one (even if they do all look the same)

in her first tutu!!

i pretty much kiss her face off all day long...

my sweet little valentine