Wednesday, November 17, 2010

one more day....

One more day until we meet our little babe! Russ and I are so feels like Christmas Eve right now! :)
I am 39 weeks and 5 days today. I had my doctor's appointment this morning and we decided the best thing to do is go in tomorrow and have the doctor break my water. This should happen around 9 am. I do not need to be induced because I am already dilated well. Hopefully, everything will go well and baby will soon join us to make a family of three!!!
I know I have posted this before but God has been so faithful throughout the whole process and we couldn't be more thankful for what He has done. We give Him all the glory.
To our sweet little one....we cannot wait to meet you and love on you and hold you tight! You are the one we have been waiting for and how worth the wait it will be!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

all over the place...

this is another random post...kind-of all over the place. kind-of how i'm feeling these days....

nesting has kicked in full gear (well, it has for awhile but as i'm slowly getting my house back its been crazy). not only have we been cleaning and finishing up the nursery, i have been baking a lot! and everything seems to have pumpkin in it. but russ doesn't mind.
a few weeks ago, i made this really good pumpkin roll which i think is on the back of the libby's canned pumpkin too.
it was good!

last night, i made some pumpkin cupcakes that looked too good to resist....and they were.

i saw these on a blog somewhere?? but they are also out of real simple magazine from last year.

along with the pumpkin theme, we carved our little pumpkin last weekend...

and roasted our pumpkin seeds which i now know i don't really care for roasted pumpkin seeds.

to totally change the subject, we had some maternity pictures taken (free of charge) by a good friend from greenwood. he had no clue that he would be taking pictures of us but i knew he was a good photographer and the area (asheville) was so pretty that i couldn't resist to ask him. i never was into the maternity pictures, really didn't want my big belly all over the place. but i think these turned out pretty good and still modest. it was so nice of him to do this for us!

i'm only going to post these two...that's enough

and lastly for this crazy post, here is a little peek of the nursery. its done for now but not completely done. i'm waiting for baby to get here so i can either add blue or pink and order some pictures i want. and also add curtains. these things will help give the room more color. the pictures aren't the best because of the poor lighting but this will do for now...

i know the little white dress makes the room look more "girly" but that is what both my dad and i were baptized in...very special!

time for some resting...this baby might come sooner than later......