Monday, September 27, 2010

last of summer

meant to do a post last week to recap our weekend but never got around to it. can't believe summer is officially over and fall is would never know it. although i am thankful for the rain. and i have already been burning my pumpkin spice candle...mostly because it smells like construction/sheetrock in our house these days.

anyway, russ and i went to the georgia/arkansas game two weekends ago and although i can't brag on the dawgs, i did get the picture i wanted...we were standing in the perfect little spot when they plopped UGA russ on the bushes/hedges so this is as close as we could get. i was satisfied. the game was worth it just to get my russ and bulldog russ :) so much for the dawgs this season....
oh well, no fair-weather fans here

russ...still the cutest mascot in the land

we also managed to squeeze in a 30th birthday celebration/baby shower in carrollton with family. had a lot of fun! so thankful for our families.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

can't get enough

WARNING: random post

of this...

ice cream

or this...

cookies of any sort

or these...

my sister brought these back from crumbs bake shop in NYC and they were so so good. only lasted 2 days.

Totally feeling out of control when it comes to sweets and anything chocolate. I am in my third trimester but still, completely out of control. What happened to eating all healthy foods for my baby?? not sure...
Yesterday, I did use my pregnancy excuse to get not one ice cream blizzard but two (one for afternoon snack and one for dessert)!! When Russ needed to go to Lowe's after dinner, I googled Diary Queen in that area, didn't find one so Sonic Blast it was...definitely needed to go to Lowe's with him. That is crazy but they were oh so good! Russ thought that I would share one of my blizzards. I thought about it but then realized I needed it all to myself. I am, after all, eating for two??? He had to get his own and I think he was glad he did :) At this point, he just wants to keep me happy so he willingly gave into me and my need for something sweet...twice! Gotta love a supportive husband!
Any momma's or momma's-to-be know what I'm going through?? Reassurance would be greatly appreciated (even though, yes, i know this is at least some degree) :) I still think its a little crazy!

just typing this post makes me want to go to the gym...better go get ready

Monday, September 13, 2010

surprised indeed

So, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull this one off....a surprise 30th party for Russ. He turned the big 3-0 the end of August and my mind was swirling for ways to surprise him. It was going to be hard because I knew he would think I was planning something so I had to throw him off. With the help of some close friends, my little surprise plan worked (not that his party was anything original, just a great time with friends).

Here he is on his lunch break on his actual birthday eating a "cookie cake" I put together for him to trick him into thinking that was his "birthday cake". He had told me the day before he didn't want me to make him a cake because we had had so many sweets in the house. He told me just to make him one when we celebrate with his family in a few weeks. I was glad he told me that because little did he know I already ordered a cake at Publix for the party!

Two days after his birthday was the big party. This was actually the day that worked best for many different reasons and helped to make it such a (tricky) surprise...he definitely wasn't expecting this. This was no genius/super creative surprise birthday planning...just what Russ thought was an outing to good ole Sticky Fingers with a few guys for some good food. When he walked to the back, there we were, twenty plus, excited, relieved (that he made it) and singing happy birthday to him!

Here he is walking into the room. He really is surprised, I surprised as he gets!!

singing happy birthday and watching his expressions

some of the guys

the whole gang minus a few

can't go wrong with a publix cake

pretending to blow out the candles that I left at home...oops!

Christ Community docs

party is all over...glad it turned out as planned

Thanks to everyone who helped make his 30th so special....and for keeping it a surprise!!:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

he's back....

and still the only undefeated Georgia mascot (my husband makes a point to say that every time and thought that the blog was in need of a Russ shout-out).

Here is Russ in all his glory...too bad he is too old (and probably in poor health) to be named UGA VIII. We went to the Georgia game this past weekend and he was still holding strong but clearly not enjoying the heat. One day soon I am determined to get a picture of bulldog Russ and my Russ together! :) These are some of the things we get excited about around here...
Speaking of...I am excited about football season and thought the dawgs looked pretty good but of course we will know just how prepared they are this weekend playing South Carolina. I really hope they beat those crazy gamecocks!! GO DAWGS!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

celebrating four

Wow!! I can't believe its been four years since Russ and I said our vows. Time has gone by so fast but its been the best four years of my life! I am so thankful and feel so blessed that God has provided such an amazing husband for me. He was and is everything I have prayed for.

Here we are four years ago on our honeymoon in St. John

This past weekend, Russ surprised me. I knew he was planning something and when we ended up in Savannah, I was thrilled. It was good to get away for the weekend; not having to think about all the house renovations and other odds and ends. We walked around River street, did some shopping, ate some good food and even slept in both mornings...something we haven't done in awhile. Got a few pictures but most didn't turn out too good...

Some scenes from Savannah