Tuesday, August 24, 2010

our summer fun

As crazy as our summer has been, we had the opportunity (and really good excuse) to fly out to Denver for one very beautiful wedding and a few days of vacation. One of my best friends from high school got married (in June) and I was so excited to share in her special day. She made for such a beautiful bride.

Pictures can say it best....

rehearsal dinner

beautiful rainbow that night

all of the "fab 5" minus the bride...only one more to get married (can't wait for february)!!

log cabin where the wedding was held

wedding party

by request wearing the shades

girls with the groom

picture with the beautiful bride

me and my man:)

I have been to Colorado before but never to Denver so we tried to make the most of our time there. After the wedding was over, we headed to Estes Park for a few nights. This town is located right in the middle of the Rockies, near Rocky Mountain National Park, and is so so beautiful. We saw wildlife, did some hiking and exploring and relaxed. The last night we stayed in downtown Denver before heading back home.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

oh how time flies....

Back to the blogging world once again...its only been since May that I have updated and there has been sooo much going on in our little lives. If anyone is still out there reading our blog, I hope I can still remember things and fill you in. I think this has been our craziest, busiest summer yet. So much going on...so many exciting things that I don't know where to start.

On another note,as I am thinking of everything to blog, I'm wondering whatever happened to the summer???? I cannot believe summer is coming to an end and fall is just around the corner! Time flies when you're having fun and I can't deny that I'm really looking forward to THIS fall season (and college football kicks off in only a few weeks)!

Besides selling a house, buying a house in the downtown area of Augusta, packing and unpacking, conferences, vacations, getting new jobs, weddings and birthdays...one MAJOR event that took place beginning of this summer was Russ' residency graduation! He graduated on June 24th from the Montgomery Center Family Medicine Residency program and I just have to take a minute to say how proud I am of my husband. I look back over the three years of his residency and where we started from and can't believe the amazing way the Lord has really worked in our lives. Of course we had our good and bad but through it all I realize how God was and is shaping us for this new season in life. A new season including working at an inner-city clinic only a few years old that has a heart and desire to care for the under-served and share the love and hope found in Jesus alone. Russ makes only the third doctor at this clinic and I admire his willingness to serve in this way, even through the unknown and sacrificing what could be a "comfortable" lifestyle. Just yesterday the clinic, Christ Community Health Services, had its big groundbreaking day for the new site of the clinic downtown. Unfortunately, Russ and I both had to work (he has another job at the hospital) so we couldn't be there or else I would have taken some pictures, but this was an exciting day for many. The event made for an article in the Augusta newspaper. If you would like to read more on the big day, you can read the article HERE . It's short and sweet (it's really an article in preparation for groundbreaking; not actual groundbreaking day).
Anyways, I didn't realize I was going to write this much...I really just wanted to say how proud I am of my husband and all his hard work and dedication not only to his three years in residency (to which the man NEVER complained and he NEVER slept either) but also his excitement and hopes for the future of Christ Community and literally "stepping out in faith" to be where God would have him.
(hope he doesn't get mad I did a whole post on him)

Back to graduation, here are some pictures of the graduation party the night before and then pictures of graduation day....

greenwood friends

crazy fun friends

the whole 3rd year gang

YAY!!! he did it!

third year class

sweet friends

so proud of him

I didn't have a graduation party for Russ because we had to fly out the next morning to Denver for a very special wedding...which I was going to include in this post but don't have time now. So, that's coming up next post. Hopefully now I can keep this little blog of mine updated better!!