Thursday, June 11, 2009

oh, the joy.....

...of packing.

Is this blog worthy...not sure, but I know its stressing me out. I really dislike packing. It is my day off and I have been trying to pack ALL DAY! This has been a very long process. I realized I have stalled it with other fun things like cleaning the house, washing, drying and ironing clothes, cleaning the stove top(hmmm)...scrubbing the floors (that's when you know its bad) and working out extra long at the gym. Oh well. It will get done. It will be worth it.

Another picture of pretty flowers. Our friends gave us these...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trinidad time!!

Here we go again!! If you keep up with our little lives, then you know what summer time brings...a medical mission trip. So, its that time to start packing (or if you're like me, think about packing until the night before) and get ready to Trinidad! When we tell people we are going to Trinidad, most are not familiar with where this little (and very HOT) island is located. I didn't know until I found out we were going. So, for all you readers out there, here is a little map:

We are going with the same group out of Augusta (MCO/MTW) and are excited about going. We will be taking a lot of pictures so stay tuned!

On another note....we have some pretty little flowers in full bloom around here. Here are some pics....