Sunday, September 28, 2008

I did it!!!

I made it to the finish line!! On Saturday, Russ and I went with our good friends to Greenville to run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k. My friend asked me to do this with her awhile ago but I just started training 2 weeks before the race. Now, to many, this is not a big deal...running 3.1 miles is like nothing, just like a day off. However, this was a BIG deal for me. If you know me, you know I like to work out and I'll do the treadmill/elliptical any day! But, running around outside for what seems like forever just does not excite me...just isn't my thing.
But...I had a goal. I would train for the 5k and run it in 34 minutes (which would be good for me). So, we get to the race and the start line and I then decided I needed to run it in 30 minutes. Not gonna happen. By the second mile, I was struggling. Fortunately, Russ was nice enough to run with me and kept pushing me to run faster. He should be glad I didn't have any extra energy to yell at him! I made it though, in 33 minutes without stopping or walking! I accomplished my goal (the original one) and will set my next one for 30 minutes! I'm glad I did this was worth it. It felt good to be among survivors and people who have been affected by breast cancer in some way. Any race will make you feel good...but this one makes you feel really good!


me and Tia after the race


Thursday, September 25, 2008


GO DAWGS!!! Russ and some of his friends had this random idea to go to Arizona for the Georgia/Arizona State game this past weekend. Really, it wasn't that random since our good friends live out there...just another reason to visit them! So, we all got together and flew out there for the weekend! Needless to say, come game time, it was HOT! But, as soon as the sun went down, the weather was perfect and the dawgs took over! I'm so glad they won considering we went all the way out there (and those ASU fans were out)!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back to the blogging world...

So, I'm just now blogging about our summer even though the fall season is just a few days away (which I'm so excited about)!! Russ and I had a very busy summer so that's probably why I haven't had any new posts. I know my last (and only) post was back in June when we were getting ready for our mission trip. Well, I wanted to put up some pictures of the trip to Mexico but felt I should write something about it too. So, kind-of in a nutshell, our trip to Mexico continued to reveal to Russ and I why we do medical missions. This is what God has called us to...I believe this is the one real reason both of us are in the medical field. These are the skills God has given us and we have opportunities to help people all over the world; mainly people who have no access to health care at all. Sometimes I wonder why we should just stay here and do health care when there are millions of people suffering all over the world who don't have what we have here. This is something we continue to think/pray/talk about....we know we have the desire to do mission work, but for now, we will continue doing short term missions until another door opens for us!

Another trip we made last month was to the Acadia National Park in Maine with my sister and her boyfriend. We had a blast and the park is so beautiful! I will post some pics from there too!