Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting ready for MEXICO...who would have thought?!

So.....Mexico it is!! Back in December, we visited our old church in Augusta and were asked to go to Kenya with MCO (Medical Campus Outreach). I wasn't sure, but Russ was very excited from the start. Eventually, the Lord changed my heart and I was excited about this opportunity. Not long after, we were informed that because of the government issues in Kenya, the trip had been changed to a different location, Guatemala. We were a little disappointed but still willing to go. But, obviously, the Lord still had other plans for this group when problems arose with Guatemala as we are now heading to Mexico as our final destination!!
Even though Russ and I have been on several medical mission trips, we still never seem to be quite prepared and always seem to forget something. However, this time, we might just have everything (we think) we need. We fly out tomorrow evening to Mexico City and will be staying in Guanajuato for two weeks. We are going with the same group from Augusta that we always go with so we are excited to be with our friends again and meet new people. There are about 80 students, doctors and nurses going.
Since Russ is basically off this month (he is on a very light rotation to end his intern year), we have been spending the past week in Carrollton on the farm where Russ grew up and his parents still live. It has been nice and we had some much needed rain!! We have been walking through the pastures, going to the lake, fishing, eating some good home-cooked (organic) meals from mama Ayers and visiting with family and friends! Even mama Kehir came to visit before we leave...I'm so glad she could make it!

This is Russ and I fishing at the lake on the farm...and yes, this is me in my full fishing gear...just the redneck in me!:)