Wednesday, September 13, 2017

ezra {11 months}

Ezzy at 11 months! Our little peanut is slowly growing, but he's healthy and we are thankful! He also proves he's still ninji baby, staying busy and getting into everything. He loves his food (still mainly baby food for now) actually doing better with that then his bottles sometimes. He's starting to cruise around a little holding onto furniture but still mainly scooting around on his belly to get to where he's going...and he's fast! He has his two top teeth which is super cute! His siblings love him dearly but something about his hair...they are obsessed with touching it and pulling it. Not sure why. Ella loves to hold him and pick him up. She's a big helper, helping mommy watch him and keeping him entertained. We love our little ezzy boy!

ezzy's wearing uncle curty's shirt when he was a baby ;)

what mom?


but cute!

just typical brother lovin

first time on the cart with daddy riding through the pastures 

Target carts canNOT contain the ninja 

ninji made for quite the Target experience (decided then and there I wasn't doing this again)

i had to get sister out of the cart and i think he finally gave up...

Publix carts so much better!

when you have a girly girl sister who has only baby brothers to dress up (its been worse) 

The cute faces of the Ez....

getting so big!! and two days away from turning the big ONE!!!!


{strawberry pickin and beauty and the beast}

A few fun things we did this past spring I want to document: strawberry picking and a girls day to see Beauty and the Beast.
We've been strawberry pickin a few other times and it always makes for fun memories and the kids love it. This year, we went the day before Ezra's baptism so Grandma and Grandpa were in town and we met up with the same friends we've been with two other times as well.

Ella, our good friend and I also had a fun girl's day planned where we went out for lunch and then to the Imperial Theater to see Beauty and the Beast. This day was so fun!! 

Out for lunch

It rained but that didn't stop us from having fun!

Thank goodness for all the umbrellas we had in the car ;)

My little Belle! She is just so precious!!

Love her!