Thursday, July 12, 2018

{easter 2018}

Easter pictures

this was actual easter day...bunny ears and little stuffed bunnies from nana! ezzy just loved his little bunny!

i treasure these that sister made...random one day all by herself while i was cooking. she made me one and then she made these two for her teachers. so thankful for the ways the Lord shows me He is at work in their young hearts even when it can at times be hard to see/know. she's learning, she's taking things in and believing the truths He is leading her towards

this was actually the first one she made while i was cooking...then she made the two above and gave two to her teachers and one for the fridge

this was the day isaac had his easter egg hunt at school...levi had a cough/little asthma flair up so i kept him with me but since i was to help out with hiding the eggs, i had a little helper. and he was super cute at hiding those eggs 

hiding them good

had to snap a pic of how he "hid" that four eggs all in a row in the middle of the ground ;)

excited about all his eggs he found 

this was ezra's easter egg hunt at their courtyard. he wasn't sure at first but then got the hang of it all

really liked finding the chocolate candy!

levi's hunt was a day or two after isaac's. he was better and super excited about his eggs too

making our easter cookies! i always have a little helper with me these days 

easter baskets from nana! they love nana's baskets so much!

every year nana does an easter egg hunt for the kids...with a whole lotta eggs to find ;)

enjoying some easter cookies 

easter morning at church

another little easter treat from their baskets 

Monday, June 25, 2018

{disney 2018}

This year for spring break, we surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World! It was about a week before we were leaving, we set up a treasure hunt (it was really all Russ) that would lead them to the big surprise....mickey/minnie ears! Sister knew immediately where we were headed and the other two followed in excitement and joy (ezzy didn't have a clue what was going on)!
This is a picture of when they were led to the mickey ears and figured out where we were going....

Day one at Disney: we went to the Magic Kingdom with just the older two. Nana came on the trip with us and was kind enough to stay back each day we went to the parks and babysit. So on the first day, she watched the little ones while the the four of us headed off.

on the little ferry boat to the Magic Kingdom!!

we made it!

first ride...Dumbo! always a favorite!

Isaac's first ride at Disney!

tea cups

we saw Elisa, Anna and OLAF!


meeting Princess Tiana 

And Rapunzel... I love the bottom right picture where they are both talking about their long hair and the way my girl is looking at her

a yummy Mickey treat....soo good but had to eat so fast because of the heat!

so hot

on the Aladdin ride

disney delight ;)

We went back to the condo in the afternoon for some rest time and to help nana get the kids in bed then snuck out with sister to watch the firework show...we got there late but just in time to see the fireworks (and they didn't have the night parade during our visit this time). What a full and fun day it was...first day of Disney was a success!

Day two at Disney: on the second day, we headed to the Animal Kingdom with the older three kiddos. Nana and Ezra stayed at the condo and had a lot of fun together ;)  Levi was super excited because it was his first day at Disney and he kept saying all day at the park "this is my first day at Disney World" with the biggest smile on his face! Sweetest, cutest thing! The Animal Kingdom was such a blast...we hit it off with the safari first which the kids loved...

just got on the safari ride and soooo excited!

first time at Disney and first thing, the safari ride

tree of life pic ;)

just being cute 

After the safari, we waited in line for our first ride at the animal kingdom...

Levi was excited about his first ride on his first day ;)

we rode a little dinosaur ride (like the Dumbo ride but I can't remember the name of it)...the other two rode together and we rode with Levi...he loved it!

these two riding together on the dinosaur ride

we also got fast passes to "The Lion King" show and it was so glad we got to see it and the kids loved it! Makes me want to see it on broadway even more!

mickey ears chocolate chips and ice cream....they sure loved all the treats at Disney

not one bit wasted

this ride was so fun! we got a little wet but it was a blast!

thumbs up!

checking out all the birds we walked by

we took the kids back, did dinner and bedtime with nana and then snuck back out (just russ and i) and watched the light show at animal kingdom...thanks nana for letting us have so much fun ;)

Day three at Disney (final day):  our last day, we took the three kiddos and headed back to Magic Kingdom for one last time and for Levi to experience the magical place. We decided we were going to make a whole day out of it, staying at night for the firework show. We actually had a great day, minus the part where we thought sister broke her thumb on the race car ride (thankfully she didn't) and one melt down from a certain three year old close to the end. The kids really were troopers and I'm so glad we stayed for the show. Disney knows how to go big. It was another magical day in our books and memories we'll hold on tight to....thanks again to my mom for staying with Ezra the whole day so we could do this. She's a trooper too ;) so thankful for the help we had!

just missing ezzy... we'll be back in a few years for the full family pic ;)

thumbs up!

first time tea cup ride with levi...he was upset he couldn't turn the wheel the whole time

we went on the race car rides for the first time not worth it. sister hurt her thumb really bad with the wheel and bumping into another car. its a pretty dangerous ride and we won't do this one again.

levi also upset because he couldn't drive...too short!

on to better of our favorites! the Dumbo ride! levi's first time and he loved it

waiting in line

we went on a fun, little rollercoaster ride where sister was able to ride by herself and levi and i were in front and daddy and isaac behind her. she loved it but was a little upset/in a lot of pain from her thumb hurting so bad from the race car rides. still a trooper!

on the Aladdin ride

they were crazy about some Mickey straws...had to have them! Cheers!!

doctor daddy wrapping up her thumb at the first aid station :(

all wrapped up and ready to watch the parade!

cutest and yummy mickey ice creams of course

cheers again ;)

such little troopers...we made it all day!!! minimal breakdowns and lots of smiles! it was worth it and the night show and fireworks were pretty amazing!

soooo tired! it certainly was a full and fun day. so thankful for the memories we made and pictures to look back on...won't forget them!

and just had to add this one of ez sent from nana while we were at the park the last day...just chillin in the stroller while he and nana take a little walk. so glad nana was there to help out with this little guy!

Back home....Elsa still going strong! sister almost immediately had to put all her elsa dresses on (and a little bro had to join her too)

sister and her new elsa doll...if you look closely, you can see she even tried to do her "elsa braid" just like elsa's with the ribbon intertwined ;)